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internal/nerve pain in vulva/bottom, really worried

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worrywart86 Tue 30-Apr-19 19:06:44

Hi, I'm really concerned about this as I've never had it before and not been able to find much about anything like it online.

So I have had thrush and a UTI over the last week or two, both been treated and symptoms have gone. Since then I've had this bizarre pain, it's been going on for a few days in two places. First in the lower end of my anus - it's been itchy and sometimes has felt like a stabbing pain or like it's being stretched. I was a bit constipated a few days ago so I wondered if I could have injured or torn something there while straining? The second pain is mainly in the left side of my vulva - it feels internal or nerve related, and it is almost like a stabbing sensation, happens at random and is quite a sharp, nerve like pain. Sometimes it seems to spread to other parts of the vulva too, around the urethra. It seems worse if I am staying still, I keep leaning from side to side and it kinda goes away then. Anyone know what it is?

Sorry it's all so TMI. Never had anything like any of these before and I'm really quite worried. My anxiety is generally incredibly high, and am going through an especially stressful time at the moment and it does tend to manifest itself in physical symptoms, which creates a vicious cycle as I worry that the symptoms are of a genuine illness, which makes me worry more etc. I am getting treatment but it's a long process.

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SlowDoris Tue 30-Apr-19 19:23:56

Poor you - utis and thrush aren't any fun on their own - without any further problems. The pain in your anus is almost certainly haemarhoids. The itching and straining a few days ago really fit the picture. They can be surprisingly painful.It could even be that the pain in your vulva is somehow related to that, or possibly it's the uti or thrush not entirely cleared up. Try not to worry - I don't think the signs of anything sinister are there.

worrywart86 Tue 30-Apr-19 19:52:28

Oh gosh, haemorrhoids, really? I'm only in my 20s, in my head it's something that older people get. Would be so so embarrassed to see the doctor about it, i know they've seen it all before and all but still.. The vulval pain is really bizarre, it feels like nerves or electric almost! I'm not sure of the right way to describe it

Thank you for the reassurance and sympathy!

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littledinosaurs Tue 30-Apr-19 20:16:03

Hey OP. I had the stabbing pain in my vulva you're describing the other day. It happens occasionally for me and lasts a day or so and disappears – it's normally when I'm stressed out as well. I wouldn't worry unless it gets worse or lasts longer. Try to take your mind off it for now.thanks

littledinosaurs Tue 30-Apr-19 20:23:52

Also could it be possible that your body is still recovering from the UTI and thrush and feeling sore? You might also be over-analysing every feeling down there because of them. I've definitely done that. I really hope you feel better soon.

worrywart86 Tue 30-Apr-19 20:48:51

littledinosaurs thank you for being so kind, I'm reassured that someone else has had it too. I suppose it is possible to be recovering from UTI and thrush for sure. It seems that stress can cause absolutely no end of physical symptoms, it gets me so frustrated sometimes as I'll have something that I am convinced is genuine, that there is no way that it could be caused by stress (as I like to think I'm quite a reluctant expert at symptoms brought on by stress) and nope, doctor has said that it is also stress, it really gets me down

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worrywart86 Wed 01-May-19 15:40:10

So this pain in my bottom has got worse. Walking round town this afternoon, every step felt so painful in the top of my left bum cheek, it felt heavy and just really painful. If I touch it the muscles feel sore. There's also still that 'open/stretched' feeling in there as well. The itching stopped. Still a bit constipated. This all began on Sunday. What should I do about it? Appointments at the GP are very hard to get, even if I booked today it wouldn't be until at least the end of next week if not further away.

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