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Lump behind ear

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LuluJakey1 Tue 30-Apr-19 21:11:49

I had one a couple of years ago and got quite scared- was caused by some ear eczema that had become inflamed and gland had swollen up in response.

picklemepopcorn Tue 30-Apr-19 21:07:40

I was really surprised at how hard mine was. I've always had squishy lumpy swollen glands in my neck. The one that popped up from nowhere, and went away just as fast, felt different. Hard, a little larger than a pea. I think it's different because there is no additional flesh and muscle to mask the pebble like gland, the way their is on the throat.

Everydaypeople Tue 30-Apr-19 20:58:24

I remember having mumps as a child and the pain and swelling from that was near the back of my jawline.
It’s hard to describe this , where the bottom the earlobe it’s right behind that on my actually feels like the ending of a bone but the opposite side is flat

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digerd Mon 29-Apr-19 19:05:04

I had a swollen lump underneath my ear lobe when I was16 and was diagnosed with MUMPS. Other than causing me to have a stiff jaw when trying to fill my mouth full of food I did not feel ill. 2 weeks later it had gone after antibiotics.

Everydaypeople Mon 29-Apr-19 17:38:19

Thanks everyone for your quick replies.

I just wasn’t expecting it to be a gland because it feels so solid. I’ve got an appointment for next Tuesday but hopefully it will gone by then

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ScrambledSmegs Mon 29-Apr-19 14:04:25

Probably a swollen lymph node. Mine pop up when I'm under the weather. I get a swollen, lumpy neck when my thryroid medication needs upping, it's so attractive.

If it hangs around for more than 2 weeks and you also feel kind of crap, then try and get a GP appointment.

picklemepopcorn Mon 29-Apr-19 13:57:53

Probably a gland. I get them. Almost like a large solid pea.

Lovingit81 Mon 29-Apr-19 13:52:19

Isn't it a gland? I get them sometimes and they just go down. I'd only see a doc if it hadn't gone in a few weeks.

Incywincybitofa Mon 29-Apr-19 13:49:54

Yep I've had those they go away Gp had a feel first time because I was there for something else

DeadDoorpost Mon 29-Apr-19 13:48:07

I get them all the time and they tend to be weird spots that will eventually burst or disappear themselves. I worried myself when I first felt one!

Everydaypeople Mon 29-Apr-19 13:47:00

i have discovered a lump behind my ear. On my head directly opposite the back of the earlobe. I don’t remember ever feeling it before, it doesn’t feel moveable at all , more brick hard and it almost feels like the bone but the opposite side is flat .
I’m quite a worrier and tend to think worst case scenario and I can’t get a gp appointment for over a week.
Has anyone experienced similar? Thanks

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