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Temperature Spikes - reassurance needed!

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Weegle Mon 16-Jul-07 20:57:31

3 times today DS temp rocketed for between 10-20min each time. The first time we happened to be in hospital (fracture clinic) and DS went all floppy and eyes were rolling so I called a nurse. They took his temp - it was 41 degrees! So they stripped him off, bathed him with cool water and gave him some calpol. Wasn't long till he was fine again but it was seriously scary. Happened twice more today but not as high. This also happened 4 times in a day about two months ago. Both occasions have most definitely been teething related (he's got two molars cutting). My DH had febrile convulsions when teething due to temperature spikes. I feel like I am just waiting for it to happen with DS (apparently it's hereditary) and I am so scared! I'm normally very good in emergencies but I just get flustered when it's DS. Is it likely I'm going to have to face this at some point? Is there anything else I should be doing?

startouchedtrinity Mon 16-Jul-07 21:02:04

My dd2 had a convulsion last yr and it was scarey, but I understand that if your dcs get them a lot you kind of get used to what to expect and do. I'd make an appointment to talk to your GP or HV.

moominsmummy Mon 16-Jul-07 21:16:23

Poor you weegle - it's very frightening I know - DS had lots of high temps with ear infections

You might want to give nurofen and calpol - if you alternate them every three hours you get good coverage - we found it kept DS's temp manageable and if still too warm did the sponging thing (lukewarm water not cold - it's the evaporation off the skin that does the cooling not the temp of the water)

Hope things improve soon

startouchedtrinity Mon 16-Jul-07 21:41:11

We do the nurofen/calpol thing too, my dcs all get high temps. Not nice.

Weegle Tue 17-Jul-07 07:51:11

thanks guys. What do you actually do if your child has a convulsion?

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