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Thyroid lump worry

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notagoodusername Mon 29-Apr-19 10:14:40

I noticed a large lump on my neck last month and was referred for a ultrasound by my GP. My GP advised that it was likely a cyst and nothing to worry about. The ultrasound revealed that it's a solid 4cm mass but doesn't look overly suspicious according to the ultrasound technician. I'm waiting for an appointment for a biopsy to see what it is. I saw a ENT specialist this weekend who advised that they would likely need to remove half my thyroid due to the size and in order to confirm that it's not malignant as apparently a biopsy can't confirm this 100%. I haven't had any blood tests taken to check the function of my thyroid but had tests in October and they were normal then. I mentioned this to the consultant and he said they might order the bloods again if needed. Is this normal? I know the odds are in my favour that it's not cancer but I can't help worrying about it. Has anyone had any experience with thyroid lumps? Tia

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Doublethecuddles Mon 29-Apr-19 12:52:38

I had a lump on my thyroid, which turned out to be cancerous and had my thyroid removed 3 weeks ago. I am almost fully recovered, still can’t lift anything to heavy, but 90% back to normal.
My bloods came back as normal, as that was the first thing the doctor checked. I also had a biopsy which came back cancerous which was why my thyroid was removed. It is only after the operation have I been back for a CT scan.
Statistics are 90% of lumps are non cancerous, i was just unlucky.
Fingers crossed you are one of the lucky ones

notagoodusername Mon 29-Apr-19 13:11:38

Thank you so much for responding and I'm sorry to hear that you were one of the unlucky 10%. How quickly did you hear back from the biopsy? Wishing you a speedy full recovery.

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Doublethecuddles Mon 29-Apr-19 16:53:09

Thank you.
It took 2 1/2 weeks for the results of the biopsy and the doctor phoned me with them. Unfortunately thyroid isn’t seen as a priority so it is normal to have a wait.

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