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Migraine - should I see my GP?

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Dizzylin Sun 28-Apr-19 20:47:31

Hi I've just had the most awful feeling.

I had just finished bathing DS and when I had a sudden change in vision like I'd looked at a bright light. For about 20 mins I had a spinning, bright light in my vision. It stopped as suddenly as it started and now I feel light headed and a little nauseous (this happened about an hour ago).

I've never had this before and never want it again. Reading online it sounds like a migraine.

Since this has never happened before should I see my GP tomorrow or should I see of it happens again first?

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Tofslan Mon 29-Apr-19 17:20:19

Sounds very like optical migraine - I’ve been getting them occasionally for seven years.

I would get checked out at GP yes. Not because it’s particularly worrying but because it’s new and it’s good to get checked. You might prefer to go to optician though... I went to A and E with mine the third time it happened (the first two times were whilst I was pregnant so I saw the pregnancy unit in the hospital and a neurologist checked me out there and said it was probably some random hormone thing). The A and E guy and the GP who I saw a few days afterwards both said no sign of neurological problems so no idea basically, but advised a trip to optician, and it was the optician who suggested optical migraine and who knew a lot more about it so was more reassuring.

GP prescribed sumatriptan when I next mentioned it but I’ve never tried them so don’t know if they work, but might be worth asking if you want to have a medication on hand.

Dizzylin Mon 29-Apr-19 17:34:33

Thank you I will make an appointment with the optician. I'm not as freaked out by it today.

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