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Can’t remember the last time I had a solid poo

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IkickedtheBigC Thu 02-May-19 08:13:09

Any change of bowel habits for a prolonged time needs to be investigated.
The sooner the better. X x

iVampire Wed 01-May-19 20:44:47

If you get change in bowel habits that lasts for more than 3 weeks, you should go and see your GP.

There are various conditions that need to be ruled in or out straight away.

squee123 Tue 30-Apr-19 05:15:11

any change in bowel habits should be discussed with your GP. Better safe than sorry

Veterinari Tue 30-Apr-19 05:05:42

Look up bile acid malabsorption - one of the leading causes of loose stools

BusterGonad Tue 30-Apr-19 04:37:09

Eating a healthy diet could be what's causing it, I have IBD and ate some salad for 3 days in a row, yesterday I pooed myself! I should be embarrassed but it's happened before and luckily I was at home. It's life now, healthy food is in fact not healthy at all for me anymore!

OldAndWornOut Mon 29-Apr-19 23:28:13

I think I may have an intolerance or something. (Evidenced by people almost throwing up if they venture near the toilet after me) blush

I'm too lazy to try keeping a food diary.

birdonawire1 Mon 29-Apr-19 23:18:17

I used to have normal poo. Then around 9 months ago got a strange virus. High temp for 24hours, felt a bit grim, slight loose poo a couple of times and gone. Then had really loose poos. Didn't connect it with the odd virus and it wasn't a d&v bug, but saw gp and had hideous tests, which all normal and worked out it was this virus which had caused it. Gp said 6 months to recover and it pretty much did. Bowels still easily upset if I have lots of fruit, but no where near the urgency of before.

TapasForTwo Mon 29-Apr-19 23:11:42

Why have you not been to see your GP?

Pieceofpurplesky Mon 29-Apr-19 23:10:18

Certain foods do this to me. I eliminated certain foods and am mostly ok except after lots of booze and forget I can't eat toast

OldAndWornOut Mon 29-Apr-19 23:04:18

Following with interest.
I'm a martyr to my bowels!

StillMedusa Mon 29-Apr-19 23:00:34

Get yourself to the doctors!
It might be IBS and a change of diet needed but it could also be inflammatory bowel disease (Crohns or Ulcerative colitis)..or even bowel cancer... probably not but it's possible.
You'll need a blood test, possibly a poo sample and preferably a colonoscopy.

My DS2 has Ulcerative colitis and that's how his first presented.

Boysey45 Sun 28-Apr-19 12:50:48

It could be anything from IBS to an infection. If I were you I'd go to the Drs and say you want a sample taken for tests.They will find out hopefully whats wrong with you.

Chancewouldbeafinethlng Sun 28-Apr-19 12:45:56

This will obviously be tmi!
As the thread title suggests, I can’t remember the last time I had a solid poo. Every time I go it is diarrhoea and often I feel it coming over me like a wave, almost like contraction pain.

I’m not super healthy but also don’t eat rubbish all the time. I did used to have healthier poos and my diet hasn’t really changed from that time.

What could be causing this? I looked at ibs symptoms but I don’t feel lots of cramping, or lose sleep over it etc. How can I get healthier poos? It’s embarrasing if I feel it coming after eating at someone’s house.

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