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Caught out and all got sunburn

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paranoidmother Mon 16-Jul-07 18:00:50


On Saturday DS and DD and I all got sunburnt (caught out on the way back to the car for the sun lotion) That's the last time I forget the lotion when the forcast says rain.

DS is 10 months old an seems to be ok in himself, eating, drinking lots, nappies etc but still seems very hot. No longer red skinned that went back to pale within 24 hours.

Does anyone think it's still to do with the sunburn or could it be because he is also teething? I know the weather is horrid at the moment as it is muggy and warm, could it be that he still can't regulate his bod temperature affectively?

I've been giving him some calpol to reduce temp and in case of headache in the first 24 hours but don't really want to keep on doing this.

Has any one any ideas or suggestions.


jellyjelly Mon 16-Jul-07 19:41:17

If you doget burnt i know that it has passed but plain live natural yoghurt is good as is a very thick cream like dove or nivea really thick cream. Whe i get burnt i always use this and it get absorbed really quickly keep wacking it on every hour or so.

Lots of water or nearly any fluid you can. watch out for heat bumps which could itch in little ones.

I got burnt to yesterday.

lljkk Mon 16-Jul-07 19:53:11

Olive oil on the skin is supposed to help reduce the long term skin damage, too. I think this rainy summer has lulled us all into complacency.

Furball Mon 16-Jul-07 19:59:21

not if you have hot skin as with sunburn though lljkk - you'll cook your skin!

PestoMonster Mon 16-Jul-07 20:02:48

I would recommend Aloe gel to take the heat out after too much sun. I think Banana Boat does a version.

lljkk Mon 16-Jul-07 20:13:21

Olive oil isn't a source of heat!(??) It moisturises the skin.

Furball Mon 16-Jul-07 21:04:06

no but if your skin is burning from sunburn, it'll heat the oil up

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