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I have a question for any dentists around, please.

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JellySlice Sat 27-Apr-19 17:22:48

Yesterday morning I had local anaesthetic around the front of my lower jaw. The injections were from canine to canine, I think, or perhaps first premolars.

Pain relief was very effective. Dentist said he hadn't used adrenaline (it makes me shake and feel panicky) so the effect would wear off quickly and I would be able to eat in an hour or two. But it took a good 4h before I could eat without dribbling, and my face still feels weird today. There's definitely some reduction in sensation, too.

Is this of concern? Should I do anything about it?

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shatteredandstressed Sat 27-Apr-19 23:14:37

What procedure did you have under LA (local anaesthetic)?
Asking because that may impact the sensation today in the area.

Individuals metabolise LA, regardless of type and vasoconstrictor presence, at different rates; so the 4 hours to "defrost" is not a concern.

JellySlice Sat 27-Apr-19 23:28:26

He scaled my teeth. Because of my receded gums, I find it excruciating, so tried doing it with LA this time.

Also put a filling in the remains of an upper premolar that has an old RCT. Obviously that didn't need LA. It's been uncomfortable to chew on that side today.

Is it OK that my face still has some residual numbness?

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shatteredandstressed Sun 28-Apr-19 18:47:41

Re the uncomfortable filling- that could be high in the bite and need adjusting- so for that alone I would ring up your practice first thing.
Re the altered sensation-is it tingly or just 'bruised'?
If you've had a combination of scaling and root surface debridement under LA -post op standard warnings are pain and sensitivity for 2-3 days. If you've also had a number of local anaesthetic infiltrations across the lower anterior region, then it may be bruised & tender in theory. It will probably resolve but definitely make an appointment for the high filling and ask for reassurance about the lower anterior sensation then.
Don't let it put you off using the TePes and floss down there though, even though it feels weird at the moment.
As an aside, when I'm having LA as a dental patient, the shortest acting local has a paradoxical effect on me and I'm often still numb 10-12 hours later.

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