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Thumb pain - arthritis? Any point going to GP?

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Richlyfruited Thu 25-Apr-19 18:58:15

Have started to get pretty constant and nagging pain in the base of my thumb. The joint looks a bit swollen so I wondered whether I should be seeing the GP or if they'll just put it down to normal aging?

I'm early 40s and there's a strong history of arthritis in my family.

Anyone seen their GP for similar issues and been offered useful treatment?

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Apocalyptichorsewoman Thu 25-Apr-19 19:59:11

Watching with interest- am 49 and my thumb is the same - slightly swollen at base, and painful to move. I haven't been to my GP though- it's seemed a bit better recently, so might wait. I've had it about 6 months...🤔 If you do go to the GP- please let me know what they say!

Ignoremeiaminvisible Thu 25-Apr-19 20:09:27

Yes definitely go to the GP. Could be arthritis but there is more than one type. One can be treated with drugs, the other osteo is not as easy to treat but there are steroid injections that can help. I am 59 and have had problems with my thumbs for a few years now, had x-rays which came back clear for 2 or 3 years but earlier this year showed I have osteoarthritis in both thumbs. I have recently had an injection in one, the right, which was the most painful and it has worked wonders. It does not work that well for everyone but it has made such a difference.

Even if tests show nothing yet please keep going if it is still a problem.

ihatethecold Thu 25-Apr-19 20:12:18

Are you sure it’s not pain in your joints caused by RSI because of using a mobile phone/texting lots?

Richlyfruited Thu 25-Apr-19 21:59:18

Thanks yes might get it checked out. Not sure if it's RSI - hopefully it is that rather than the start of osteoarthritis. My DM has had to have several ops on her thumb joint due to osteo.

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