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Mirena problems, thoughts needed

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PURPLECAMPER19 Thu 25-Apr-19 15:07:55

I got the mirena put in 2 years ago yesterday had no problems, regular periods but 7 days after ovulating this month I had severe cramps and bad bleeding with tissue and black discharge. I went to A + E and they done a speculum, couldn't find coil so he went in to feel. Still couldn't find it. My partner tried numerous times too before we went. They sent me for an ultrasound which I went for today and they saw the coil and said its in the right place. The gynae doc took a look and said she can't see the strings either but not to worry as it's in the right place. We could feel the strings and doc could see it before, all the bleeding and pain so why can't we see or feel it now. She said it will be okay but guy in A + E thought it had come out or moved and I could be pregnant. I have had numerous signs and symptoms of pregnancy this week. How possible do you think it is I could be? I don't feel satisfied that it is in the right place. Could I get pregnant? Would it end if I was? I think I may get a second app but my partner is really freaking out. Thank you

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hugoagogo Thu 25-Apr-19 19:32:12

First tell your dp that it's you who have had been poked about, so he should be looking after you and not freaking out.
If you have had an ultrasound then they would have ruled out you being pregnant.

LIZS Thu 25-Apr-19 19:34:17

Did you or the hospital not do a pg test before they poked around?

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