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child needs tooth out and has to have sedation-recommendations please?

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blahnikbetti Wed 24-Apr-19 18:28:01

Help! My DS is 9 and has to have a tooth out. His dentist tried but after 3/4 injections he was too scared and just freaked out. The preferred alternative would be sedation then extraction, but I am finding it hard to find anything in-between Mr Dentist in Golders Green - around £250 to Happy Kids, Tooth Beary which are roughly £600-800 - any help gratefully accepted - happy to travel to Herts/London borders for a stress free experience for him :-(

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 24-Apr-19 22:18:43

Could you ask your own dentist refer you to their preferred provider, rather than you have to hunt one down? My dentist doesn’t offer sedation, but will refer patients who need it to another local surgery. I had a complex root canal with that practice last year, and while I don’t need sedation, I noticed it was £150. That’s a BUPA surgery.

anywinewilldonow Thu 25-Apr-19 10:37:49

Don't know whether it is too far for you, but a few years ago, my DD had a tooth out at Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic in Luton. They specialise in nervous patients, the place was full of children, and they were great. It was over in minutes and my DD could remember nothing about it.

anywinewilldonow Thu 25-Apr-19 10:40:42

PS it didn't cost anything as she was referred by her dentist

blahnikbetti Thu 25-Apr-19 12:28:53

Thank you so so much - I have just phoned them and they need a referral from my dentist - but this sounds exactly the kind of place I was looking for. Luton is not too far and I am extremely grateful :-) Fingers crossed it's stress free for both of us!

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patstar Thu 25-Apr-19 12:49:28

2nd the sedation clinic in Luton.

My son had a baby tooth removed by his usual dentist - no problem what so ever (needle hurt a bit).
Another tooth six months later had to come out - dentist on maternity leave so locum dentist 'tried' to take the tooth out - was barbaric. I ended up asking them to stop as he was obviously still in pain despite several injections and a lot of blood.
Got referred to Luton and they were amazing, really looked after him after his horrid experience.

blahnikbetti Thu 25-Apr-19 13:24:53

pat star thank you - this is all putting my mind at rest and I'm waiting to hear back from them today :-)

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Shep1796 Wed 19-Jun-19 09:44:58

Read this, it might help...

blahnikbetti Wed 19-Jun-19 12:31:07

Quick update - I eventually went to MR DENTIST Jeremy Kaufmann in Golders Green and he was AMAZING. I cannot recommend him enough - he actually had pulled his tooth without my son realsiing and he managed it JUST with gas and air - NO IV.
Thank you !

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