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Persistent cough please help

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Flowerfairydesigns Wed 24-Apr-19 01:46:50

Long post sorry but is anyone else suffering from a horrible cough/virus thing???
I’m Feeling like absolute dog shit today I also have pmt
I burst into tears over a pomegranate being off ffs wtf is that about
I go from spells of complete insomnia to complete fatigue I am soooo tired it’s unreal
Then there’s my cough....
my 14 yr old son has had it for nearly 6 weeks
I’ve had it for 3 and half weeks 2 lots of antibiotics (amoxicillin and doxycycline) and it’s still there it’s more throaty than chesty although i did have upper respiratory crackles on my chest but I’m not coughing up horrible stuff now but my voice is hoarse I’m wheezing and I really struggled with the school run Cos walking takes my breath away and makes my throat tickle and makes me cough talking makes me cough everything makes me cough and we ain’t talking lady like little coughs I’m talking big barking almost making my self sick type coughs
I wake up unable to breath where my throats gone dry having a coughing fit
And then there’s the fact that I’m now one of tenna lady’s best customers Cos of my cough and I hate it I hate it I HATE it and we ain’t talking little lady like wees think that David walliams old lady who used to have it gushing that’s scaring me I don’t want to be the old lady that smells of wee (I’m 44)
I’m having bloods and X-ray at end of week and can’t get gp appointment Til Friday to get more antibiotics I’ve tried honey and lemon I drink water constantly cough syrups losengers nothing is working
I am so depressed and fed up with it now it has got better I’m not coughing as much as I was but I can’t shake it off
I go on holiday next month on 19th May and should be looking forward to it but I’m worried I’ll still have what ever this is making my life a misery I know I definitely couldn’t sing a song on karaoke like this lol 😢😫😱 I know it ain’t terminal Cos My son was same I’ve caught what ever it is off him he still has the occasional cough he woke up about half hour a go gasping for breath and that’s six weeks in!!! but he’s young and fit and I’m old and fat so how long am I going to have it for?
It’s made me worried about how much I used to smoke and that could’ve caused Long term damage and my future may be one of COPD that’s scaring me just so fed up and wants this cough to fuck off I have long term back problems made worse by the constant strain of coughing I’m in pain constantly my head throat chest back everything hurts
And even tho my partner is soooo kind patient and supportive he don’t totally understand and I can’t bare to have him near me at the min I feel so unsexy and literally no desire to have sex and that’s getting me down but what with the cough and the incontinence I just don’t feel “sexy”
I can’t remember ever having a cough this long I had pneumonia in my 20s and ended up in hospital for weeks but I’ve got normal temperature no flu like symptoms just the cough and incontinence I don’t know whether I should just go a&e and see if they think I need IV antibiotics I just don’t want this to ruin our holiday in May what should I do??? X

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HistoriaTrixie Wed 24-Apr-19 02:03:49

I think you should get tested for whooping cough, your symptoms sound very alike to mine when I had it!

Flowerfairydesigns Wed 24-Apr-19 02:19:04

Yep that has crossed my mind when googling symptoms like ya do I’ve been convinced I’ve got everything from laryngitis to tb and everything Inbetween inc whooping cough which before researching I didn’t think adults/older kids could get think il try Ringing the doctor again tomorrow to see if they have any Cancellations How was your case treated and How Long Til it cleared? Thanks again x

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HistoriaTrixie Fri 26-Apr-19 05:28:06

I was put on antibiotics and some incredible cough syrup with Vicodin in it. I was pregnant at the time so they really didn't want me going through too much heaving coughing. Sorry to report though that the cough didn't go away for nearly four months.

Hope you were able to see your GP today! Let us know how you get on.

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