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Gallstones and IBS

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Babylon12 Tue 23-Apr-19 20:47:16

Looking for anyone who's had gallstones and gallbladder removal, especially if you've had IBS type symptoms. I've had a few gallstone 'attacks' but am awaiting a scan to confirm this. I've been reading about gallbladder removal (since the doctor advised this is what what happen if they find stones) and am so worried about bile salt diarrhoea. I seem to be getting IBS type symptoms after I've had a gallbladder attack but can't seem to see anyone having similar symptoms before they've had it removed and if it improved after or if it got worse. This morning I couldn't leave the house as I woke up with gallbladder pain and had diarrhoea, I'm worried that this might indicate that this is what will happen after I have my gallbladder removed.

Any wise words... I like to know all sides to what to expect so please don't be afraid to tell me your story, even if it's not great smile

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