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Vomiting at night?

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ScruffyTeddy Sun 15-Jul-07 22:24:06

My friend's daughter (age 10) for the last four/five days has been unwell. She's mostly fine in the day but starts vomiting at night. Have you any ideas on what it may be? Surely a bug wouldn't last this long?

debbiewebweb Mon 16-Jul-07 07:34:52

My dd has been been unwell for nearly 2 weeks, and vomitted continually for a couple of days and then was vomitting at night for another 7 days. She was an underlying health problem anyway, so the jury is out as to whether its a bug (there is a sickness bug knocking out all her classmates) or her HSP. I thought I saw an earlier thread about a child vomiting at night but can't find it now so would be interested in others comments on this one too.

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