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Why would a man 40s be having bone study and thyroid tests?

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Offallycheap Sat 20-Apr-19 22:05:28

Any ideas?

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Biscuitsneeded Sat 20-Apr-19 22:07:14

Doing a medical research study?

NightmareLoon Sat 20-Apr-19 22:08:04

Because Dr suspects Thyroid problems? Isn't that the simple answer?

Offallycheap Sat 20-Apr-19 22:14:08

Defo not med research.

What would make the doc think there was a thyroid problem? And why the bone study?

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over50andfab Sat 20-Apr-19 22:15:37

If the bone study is a DEXA scan, then checking for osteoporosis/osteopenia? Thyroids tests for...thyroid problems?

PointlessUsername Sat 20-Apr-19 22:16:38

I have had a bone scan because of my thyroid.

There are lots of symptoms for thyroid issues depends on if hypo or hyper and if autoimune or not.

Offallycheap Sat 20-Apr-19 22:16:46

Doesn’t say DEXA scan, it’s a blood test.

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slipperywhensparticus Sat 20-Apr-19 22:17:22

Thyroid problems are not uncommon and bone density tests are needed but not always provided (I've had thyroid issues for 20 years and never had a bone scan)

5BlueHydrangea Sat 20-Apr-19 22:18:24

More info needed....
Does he have any symptoms? Men can have thyroid problems as well as women, it's just much more common in women.
Has he broken any bones lately? Or having joint pains/problems??

Fairylea Sat 20-Apr-19 22:19:09

Long term steroid use (for asthma or Addison’s disease or other health issues) can cause bone density issues.

Greybeardy Sat 20-Apr-19 22:19:17

Men get thyroid (and parathyroid) problems too - it’s not just women. Symptoms (of both) are varied and numerous.

BestIsWest Sat 20-Apr-19 22:19:25

I had it for primary Hyperparathyroidism- a benign tumour on the parathyroid gland which can cause calcium deficiency. More common in women but can occur in men.

Offallycheap Sat 20-Apr-19 22:21:50

This is my incredibly cagey husband. blush

He won’t discuss it. He is over weight and cold a lot, and his previously thick hair is thinning. He’s already on an angiotensin inhibitor, metformin and amlodipine. Not that he’s discussed this with me. I know this because I picked up his prescription. There’s a note saying they won’t prescribe any more until he has had his bloods done, which include the thyroid, bone study, and his usual fasting hba1c. There’s a urine sample pot too.

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Offallycheap Sat 20-Apr-19 22:23:03

He’s a smoker and he’s started buying salbutamol inhalers off the internet rather than go in and discuss Copd.

It’s beyond exasperating.

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RuthW Sat 20-Apr-19 23:48:09

Sounds like normal thyroid and diabetic bloods to me.

MrsKCastle Sun 21-Apr-19 00:09:33

I'm a woman in my 40s and have recently had thyroid and bone profile blood tests. In my case, I have had various ongoing issues, including vitamin and calcium deficiencies.

Can't you ask your husband?

Offallycheap Sun 21-Apr-19 00:10:07

He refuses to discuss it.angry

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Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt Sun 21-Apr-19 00:14:39

Think thyroid is fairly standard.

But it sounds like he's got several things going on. Metformin for diabetes?

over50andfab Sun 21-Apr-19 10:25:05

My GP mentioned amlodipine for high bp - I’m monitoring mine for the moment but have been offered it.

Sounds like he has a bit of an unhealthy lifestyle. I wonder if he’s worried going to see the GP will result in being suggested to make changes? He shouldn’t really buy stuff over the net if already on prescription stuff as there might be adverse interactions (I’ve just done a quick check and there doesn’t currently seem to be but you could use that as an excuse to see his GP).

TakeAChanseyOnMe Sun 21-Apr-19 15:05:20

The “bone study” mentioned will be a blood test. It includes calcium and some other tests. Just routine as part of testing for someone with high blood pressure and diabetes. Usually need to be done every year to make sure the tablets haven’t upset them or the person hasn’t developed other problems.

SnuggyBuggy Sun 21-Apr-19 15:07:06

From my lab experience bone profile and thyroid function bloods are pretty bog standard tests for a GP to request

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