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Peanut allergy?

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lyndyloo Sun 15-Jul-07 15:41:52

At what age can you introduce peanut butter? I have no reason to think LO might be allergic but how would you know unless they tried some? Is 12 months too young?

Seona1973 Sun 15-Jul-07 19:23:47

my ds had peanut butter from 8 months. We have no family history of allergic disease and he has been fine with it. If no family history then it is considered ok from 6 months but you can wait longer if you wish. If there is family history then it is advised to wait until your lo is 3. Dont give whole nuts till age 5 due to risk of choking.

lyndyloo Sun 15-Jul-07 20:07:40

Thanks. I may wait as have just read that peanut allergy more common if already has allergies and LO has excema. I am still bfing so peanut butter out for me too! God - am desperate for some!

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