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Cold from Hell!!

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moggiek Sat 20-Apr-19 15:53:29

I'm not worried about this, just incredibly frustrated and wondering if anyone else has fallen foul. I've had the most horrendous cold and cough for just over two weeks. Loads of snot/phlegm, none looks infected. I have NO energy whatsoever. I get up every morning thinking I'm bound to be a bit better today, but no!! I'm very fortunate in having general good health, but this thing has knocked me for six.

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PerpendicularVincent Sat 20-Apr-19 19:46:51

Me! I've slept sitting up for over a fortnight now. I can't stop coughing, my nose is blocked, my ears hurt and I have zero energy. It's shit!

tablelegs Sat 20-Apr-19 19:57:19

I had this a few months ago. It took weeks. You have my sympathies. Rest when you can and take plenty of pain relief plus a nasal spray.

Beamur Sat 20-Apr-19 19:59:15

Me three! Been ill for over 3 weeks now and don't feel much better

moggiek Sat 20-Apr-19 22:27:12

Oh, my sympathies to you all. I know it will go eventually, but it's sooo draining.

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cantwait2bfree Sat 20-Apr-19 23:42:15

Same here 4 weeks now!!! Can’t sleep now blocked nose. Been on lemsip, night nurse you name it

DisastrousBee Sat 20-Apr-19 23:43:44

I had that cold too and it took me a good three weeks to get over it. It’s a proper bastard - loads of people I know have had/are having it.

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