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Bloody Nits and going on hols tonight- HELP!!!!!!!!!

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suwoo Sun 15-Jul-07 10:40:00

My DD(5) has got nits for the 1st time. I found them yesterday and used the 'full marks mousse'. I thought I had got them all, they seemed to have all gone(was about 14 or so) Just checked her this morning and found 2 nits plus more eggs in a small area. I haven't done my own long hair yet and obviously need something else for DD, question is though- What??
As per the title, we are going to majorca in the early hours tonight- great!!

justgivemeoneminute Sun 15-Jul-07 11:16:35

Tea tree oil...swear by it - since using it on my dds hair never had a repeat episode.

Nits absolutely hate the smell of tea tree - I use tea tree shampoo, lather it up, leave it lathered and pour on some tea tree oil (the genuine oil - costs a bomb but you only need a teaspoon or so) - lather the oil in with the shampoo, rinse off and follow with tea tree conditioner - rinse off and you never see another nit again.

Where do you live? I've got stacks of the stuff....!!

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 11:36:36

Full marks mousse won't kill the eggs.
The nits are harmless - just empty eggs
Tea tree oil can be a deterrant - but will not kill the lice that are there.

I find that the Nitty Gritty is v v v good at getting the unhatched eggs out. It is not perfect - usually only takes me 2 thorough sessions though. They sell them in Boots now too. AFAIK it is the only product on the market that will kill/remove the live eggs. Otherwise you just have to wait for them to hatch and then remove the baby lice before they lay more eggs.

golds Sun 15-Jul-07 11:38:41

I think i will try that - dd seems to get them quite regularly, always checking, she's clear and then gets them again.

Tell me - are the eggs white and what are the black bits, I am finding the black bit really hard to get out at times. Are they empty eggs or droppings ? yuk

southeastastra Sun 15-Jul-07 11:40:08

get a nitty gritty comb if you can today and comb like mad, then repeat in a couple of days. i've found combing to be the only really effective treatment.

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 11:42:22

Empty eggs are called nits - they are white

Unhatched eggs are v dark brown/black. These are the ones that need to be removed

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 11:44:01

And the black ones are stuck to the shaft like glue. You can get them out with the Nitty Gritty or you can pull them out with your fingers. You need to slide them all the way along the hair shaft to teh bottom though to get them off.

Vinegar is supposed to dissolve the glue I think too.

Get a Nitty Gritty. You won't regret spending £10.

justgivemeoneminute Sun 15-Jul-07 11:56:35

Tea tree won't get rid - but once rid its an excellent way to keep the little sods away.

suwoo Sun 15-Jul-07 14:42:55

Yay!!! Got a nitty gritty and I can't believe what came out that you couldn't even see with the naked eye in her hair-fab! Just got to get DH to do mine now. Anyway, that can be his punishment for a weekend with the lads in Blackpool while I do everything

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 16:24:20

Rinse your comb in a jug of water between sections. Look at the bottom of the jug 10mins after finishing and you will be amazaed at what you didn't see on the combas you went

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