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Dd2 fell over and walloped her head today and I *think* there may be something in the cut

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oliveoil Sat 14-Jul-07 20:51:13

she went FLYING and hit the ground with a sickening thud

head bleeding, but she settled down so we went to the farm anyway (we had only just arrived in the carpark fgs)

anyway, I got first aid to have a look and they gave me a wipe thing and a plaster but tonight the cut looks like there may be something in it, leaf possibly as she fell near a tree

do I leave it or try and remove tomorrow? she would not let me NEAR tonight, v distressed (her not me!)

I thank you.


CalifrauniusFudge Sat 14-Jul-07 20:57:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil Sat 14-Jul-07 20:59:24

yes, have put Germolene on and scrubbed it gently with boiled water

looks clean for now but in the light the cut - about 1cm - looks brown inside

she will not let me near

will it get infected or sort itself out and 'push' any foreign body out?

CalifrauniusFudge Sun 15-Jul-07 16:54:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil Sun 15-Jul-07 20:22:36

oh thanks for asking califrau

it looks ok, has kind of healed up and doesn't look red

still won't let me near it properly but I gave it a good clean in the bath and nothing looked amiss

cracker of a bruise developing though

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