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Ear infection..

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JustBeenNosey Wed 17-Apr-19 12:18:48

I've had trouble with my right ear since before Christmas.. I had a cold and my ear seemed to have some trouble too.
Constant ear ache, feeling like I was in water a lot and the usual..
Well I say that, I've never had an ear infection so don't know.

Went to the doctors last month and mentioned about my ear, he gave me an ear spray which should have cleared it up but seemed to get worse.

I went last week and he said my ear canal was inflamed and red and quite bumpy so gave me some antibiotics.
I've got today and tomorrow to go on them but I still feel like my ear is still abit funny.

Do I wait until my next apppntment in a few weeks (go monthly for anti depressants) or do I try get in on Friday or next Tuesday about getting more antibiotics?

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense but I've never had an ear infection (or chest/throat infection) and only ever taken antibiotics once when I had tonsillitis.
Just wondering what the best thing to do would be if anyone can help😁🙈😂

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Osteomum Wed 17-Apr-19 13:37:47

Sounds like an external ear infection, so you’ve probably been given something like optimize spray? You may need something like Cipro. Given the length of time, I would go back sooner rather than later.

JustBeenNosey Wed 17-Apr-19 15:27:44

Yeah he gave me that spray and then went I went on Friday, they gave me amoxicillin to take for a week.

Don't know whether to try get in on Friday morning or not as it doesn't feel like it's clearing up

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Osteomum Wed 17-Apr-19 15:47:35

Definitely go back. Oral antibiotics are not all that effective for external ear infections. Drops are far more effective, as long as they’re the right ones of course! Unfortunately GPs are never well versed when it comes to ears smile

JustBeenNosey Wed 17-Apr-19 15:51:59

@Osteomum thank you. The ear spray seemed to make it worse though rather than any better 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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