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Does this look like normal tonsillitis?

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Youmatter Tue 16-Apr-19 04:04:43

Looks weird. Never had a red sore like that with tonsillitis before. I used to get it all the time and around 6 years ago I got quinsy, absolutely brutal but I haven’t been bothered with them until now.

Am I just over thinking?

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Alicewond Tue 16-Apr-19 04:07:56

I’m not a doctor, but it looks like mild tonsillitis, get to the gp for antibiotics should be fine

Alicewond Tue 16-Apr-19 04:09:30

But at least see a gp, if it’s anything more they’ll know

Youmatter Tue 16-Apr-19 04:14:35

Thanks! I’ve just never had a sore like that on the tonsil before

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Alicewond Tue 16-Apr-19 04:16:53

It looks irritated and so sore and inflamed. Hopefully antibiotics and ibuprofen will help

Youmatter Tue 16-Apr-19 04:22:51

So annoying! I’ve been gargling aspirin and spitting it out and it has this lovely numbing effect that lasts ALL OF TEN MINUTES!

But hey ho.

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Alicewond Tue 16-Apr-19 04:27:25

Make a gp appointment first thing tomorrow

weaseley Tue 16-Apr-19 04:31:05

Have you had normal tonsilitis since you had quinsy? My only knowledge of it, via a friend, was that once she had had quinsy, tonsilitis repeatedly escalated to quinsy until she had them removed. It had damaged the tissue and it was super vulnerable.

Youmatter Tue 16-Apr-19 08:05:52

No they haven’t given me any trouble after the quinsy until now. It’s the red sore that’s annoying me.. never had tonsillitis look like that before

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Youmatter Wed 17-Apr-19 02:52:05

So I’ve been being tested for crohns after forming abscesses in other parts of my body and having stomach issues. I had surgery at the end of last year because of it.

Turns out the abscesses can occur anywhere in the body and they’re loading me with antibiotics in hope of fighting this off without aspiration.

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weaseley Mon 22-Apr-19 22:19:04

Sorry OP. Hope you're feeling better by now. flowers

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