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Severe osteoporosis or Myeloma?

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Osteomum Mon 15-Apr-19 13:45:12

I’ve just turned 50 and not yet post menopause. Have always been fit & healthy and young for my age. Healthy weight, never had a below par blood test in my entire life. A few months ago I starting getting unusual abdominal and back pains, had a scan which showed multiple spinal abnormalities, lots of ‘lesions’ visible throughout the skeleton (as of yet undetermined), compression fractures and 2 inch loss of height. A DEXA scan has come back a shocking -4.9! Apparently this is unusually severe for it to be a simple case of menopausal osteoporosis, so I have been referred to a specialist and am having extensive work-up to establish what’s going on. One of the differentials mentioned, is multiple myeloma. Has anyone had any similar experience or unusually severe spinal degeneration like this? Would be great to hear, thank you.

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