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need advice re threadworms

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Pob71 Sat 14-Jul-07 11:43:35

Can anyone tell me whether it is usual to still see dead worms in the poo 11 days after taking the treatment? We are going to take our second tablet of mebendazole (Boots threadworm treatment) on wednesday when it will be a fortnight.
I never actually saw any live wrigglers but was pretty sure I was seeing dead ones. Can't understand why everything in the gut hasnt cleared through when it has been such a long time as the pill doesnt claim to be long acting.
Feeling upset and having "will be wormy forever!" thoughts

Elibean Sat 14-Jul-07 20:04:16

Bumping for you.

I have no idea, myself, but imagine if owner of poo is constipated, I suppose its possible for dead worms to hang around that long. At least they're dead! Are you sure they're worms?

Pob71 Sun 15-Jul-07 09:49:20

Yes, I could understand if constipation were the case but he goes every day often twice and sweetcorn etc comes right through in 12-24 hours. The things which I think are worms are the right size and thickness but are shit coloured rather than white. I thought maybe once they died they would disintegrate a bit and that would be why they aren't white.
we thought we had them intially because my ds1 had had a very itchy bum and then nursery told me that a member of staff was having to take treatment. Then I thought that things which I previously thought were stringy mucus in my ds2 nappy contents were worms. and I've now seen similar things in my ds1 and my own poo.
does make me wonder though but cant think what else they could be as cant always be explained by veggie fibrousy food etc.

ProjectSeverus Sun 15-Jul-07 09:53:25

it's not banana is it?

Pob71 Sun 15-Jul-07 21:01:23

thats a good point, he does eat at least one banana every day. I'll try witholding them temporarily and see if it looks better. Will have to hide the ones we just bought as he goes "bananas" if he sees them!
I dont know if i would laugh or cry if it was just banana - the amount of stress this has caused! at least nursery have been happy thatwe took our treatment and the boys have a new shower every morning routine.

ProjectSeverus Sun 15-Jul-07 23:01:05

just a thought really, banana in poo v wormy looking.

will watch for update...

lol at bananas.

Pob71 Mon 16-Jul-07 22:25:19

Another idea i've had today was next time i see one I could put it on a peper plate and drop some iodine on it and if it is banana it will go black and if is worm it wont as made of protein not starch. This would only work if the starchiness is somehow not affected by going through the digestive tract (which it probably is). I remember the starch/iodine thing from 1st yr science class.
Anyway I have been much more relaxed today as think it could well be banana. Oh and the afflicted nusery worker was back and was very nice and we never mentioned the w word at all.
BTW all your Harry Potter names are so funny, I am just so desperate to read the new book (have re read the last 2 to prepare)

bigwombat Mon 16-Jul-07 22:30:19

Isn't the main thing that you haven't found any live worms? We have had these before and IMO you can't miss the real worms - they seem like definite worms even when dead. HAs your ds stopped itching? Have you stopped itching?! (sorry if TMI!)

ProjectSeverus Mon 16-Jul-07 23:29:06

yes HP names good. I am normally ProjectIcarus. Have other ones in reserve of xmas, easter etc.

starches turned into sugars i think. Am lolling at the thought of amateur scientific experiments because i could see me coming up with similar.

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