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Anyone tried the low residue / fibre diet to improve IBS?

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Meglet Sat 14-Jul-07 10:02:42

An NHS dietician has put me on a no fibre diet for a month to try and sort out my stomach problems. No fruit or veg, no nuts, no wholegrains, just lots of white bread, pasta and potatos. However I am allowed watermelon, courgette and turnip, joy!

Has anyone done it and not died of boredom . Does it seem to help?

BecauseImTheFatLady Sat 14-Jul-07 10:05:53

No idea, although I do know that when my IBS was being diagnosed I was advised to eat more fibre, and it made my symptoms worse. The doctor said that a low fibre diet was sometimes the alternative.

However, the thing I would say is that these days (for about the last 4 years now) I follow a low carb way of eating - and if I do go 'off plan' and eat too many carbs, my IBS symptoms can return.

So you might need to watch out if you're eating all the bread and pasta!

I would follow the diet you have been advised to follow, though - at least for the moment - because it may well work for you, which is the most important thing.

Meglet Sat 14-Jul-07 10:15:18

Not sure if I can do a low carb diet because I'm veggie. Quorn burgers for a month .

The dietician did say that if the low fibre diet doesn't help she will put me on a gluten free one. She also thinks it might have been triggered by a bout of gastroenteritis a few years back. Hopefully a gentle diet might calm everything down. Although I suspect it is going to be trial and error.

BecauseImTheFatLady Sat 14-Jul-07 10:34:29

Yes - trial and error definitely seems to work!

I know that for me, stress can be a key trigger.

I couldn't actually make any dietary connections when I was really suffering - it was only coincidental that I realised that there was some kind of link between carbs and my symptoms. I started low carbing because I wanted to lose weight.

I also think that there were two likely initial triggers for my IBS (none of which has been investigated or proved, BTW just my hunch) - a bout of either gastroenteritis or food poisoning in the year preceeding and/or long term antibiotic usage during my teens, to deal with acne. I suspect that this could well have wiped out much of the good bacteria in my gut. I have also suffered badly from candida over the last 10 years which I am sure is related to this.

Meglet Sat 14-Jul-07 10:40:29

I think stress is a trigger for me too. Now I have an 8 month old I'm usually dashing around and tend to gulp my food down when I'm a bit frazzled.

Dietician said that gastroenteritis can damage the wall of the gut for some time, apparently putting fibre through it just irritates it more. Also had lots of painkillers following c-section which I think has made it worse.

ho hum, I might have some more watermelon. I will be eyeing up my DS's broccoli later . Never thought it would be possible to crave veg!

BecauseImTheFatLady Sat 14-Jul-07 10:42:41

Have they suggested that you take acidophilus? It might be worth trying - buy some from a really good health food shop (i.e. not Boots or the supermarket) where they keep it in the fridge. This ensures that the bacteria are still live.

Don't take probiotic stuff like Yakult or Actimel because that has sugar in it, which will also encourage the growth (and therefore possible imbalance)of candida.

Meglet Sat 14-Jul-07 11:13:44

I have tried acidophilus before and it did help. I might get some more later.

I used to use yakult and actimel but found they made everything worse, think you might be right about the sugar. Plain yoghurt is ok.

jimmyjamas Sat 14-Jul-07 18:38:52

Meglet - I have IBS and have been taking Aloe Vera Juice, Acidophallus (sp?) and live Bio yoghurt and believe it or not, they all seem to be helping.

Littlefish Sat 14-Jul-07 18:42:15

I also take aloe vera every day. If I miss a few days, the pain and bloating comes back really quickly.

jimmyjamas Sat 14-Jul-07 18:45:51

Littlefish - The same with me. I also get really bad wind but the Aloe Vera really help.

Meglet Mon 16-Jul-07 13:51:59

I've never tried aloe vera, think I will give it a go . The crazy no fibre diet is working tho, tummy is calm for once! However I will go mad with boredom if I have to stick to it for more than a couple of weeks. Am sick of macaroni cheese already!

jimmyjamas Sat 21-Jul-07 18:33:51

meglet - hows the low fibre diet going?

ChristieF Tue 18-Aug-09 16:53:46

It's funny how people are different isn't it. I'm eating All Bran because I want the food causing me pain out of me as soon as possible. It certainly does that. I've read that Bill Clinton drinks aloe vera juice for his ibs. Must try it. Expensive. I'm veggie and have been for 30 years. I absolutely love Quorn but I wonder if it caused my ibs. Never had stomach probs before it was invented. I watched a programme showing how they made it and it's fermented so causes major wind issues. Info on web about people developing allergies to it. Given it up.

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