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Any one struggled with a bee sting a week after it happened?

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34leaper35 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:11:31

I was stung by a bee last weekend. Definitely a bee - went through an identification key! I have been stung by wasps previously and although initially a little painful, I didn't ever suffer any ill effects. However, for three days my hand throbbed and was very achey. Luckily it's now only tender, but it's insanely itchy and the original sting site is a hard white lump (only 3-4mm across) and my hand is still a little swollen. I've been a little feverish and achy this week - no idea if this is related or just a concurrent virus. I just wondered if anyone else had had this sort of a reaction before? Is it normal?? I'm convinced I've got bee plague!! confused

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slipperywhensparticus Sun 14-Apr-19 19:14:04

Is the sting still in

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Sun 14-Apr-19 19:15:59

Maybe you rubbed it and have got it infected?

34leaper35 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:18:45

@slipperywhensparticus how do you know when the sting is still in? There is nothing obvious on the surface apart from the lump 🤢

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34leaper35 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:19:46

@Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis that's possible - although would it be this itchy?? 😩

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INeedToGetHealthy Sun 14-Apr-19 19:33:16

I had a bee sting on my big toe that left a big hard lump that was really itchy for a couple of weeks. It then left a hole in my toe and finally healed.

34leaper35 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:05:08

@INeedToGetHealthy I had no idea that bee stings could be so grim! Thanks for the info - still not over the worst then 😱

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Xiaoxiong Sun 14-Apr-19 22:28:16

Is it sore, red and hot? Patches of red on the skin? Have you taken an antihistamine?

I was stung by a wasp last summer, it died down for the first few days and then came back with red swelling and patches - stings can turn into cellulitis if bacteria gets in there with the sting, I needed a course of antibiotics.

34leaper35 Sun 14-Apr-19 23:16:53

@Xiaoxiong wow - I had no idea! Thank you so much for the information. I wouldn't have described it as hot but it's painful and very itchy so possibly worth getting checked out! Thank you!

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slipperywhensparticus Mon 15-Apr-19 21:36:43

Usually a dot on the middle

Xiaoxiong Mon 15-Apr-19 21:40:45

34 how you feeling today? Did you manage to get it looked at?

megletthesecond Mon 15-Apr-19 21:42:55

Both bee and wasp stings give me week or two of problems.

Anyonebut Mon 15-Apr-19 21:48:46

Ds got stung by a bee and he was in pain the first day, the second day it still was a bit swollen, but he was fine. However, exactly one week after, the sting site got hot and swollen again, apparently its quite normal, not sure why.

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