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Is there such a thing as post surgery nightie with long sleeve?

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roundligament Sun 14-Apr-19 02:38:19

You know like clothes for a baby in hospital with pop open sleeves etc
Is there something like this for adults?
I'm small a 5ft one lady but will have just had a baby by c section so will have a big belly and boobs. Well big enough not enormous.
Is there anyone who makes a long sleeve nightie that you can pop the sleeves down on?
I can't find on google but then again I'm not sure what to google?

Also looking for short cotton dressing gowns which are cheap that I could get a few of for hospital too as it looks like I'll have a baby in scbu in again and I don't want to be roasting in a fleece one for the first two days I guess. I'll be sweaty for sure so I would be glad to be able to just change a few times a day

Thank you so much

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thenightsky Sun 14-Apr-19 02:55:45

What about a sleeveless nightie? Will you be b.feeding? I had a lovely one from mothercare with hidden opening at boob level.

roundligament Sun 14-Apr-19 02:58:19

I get cold arms 🙄🙄🙄

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