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Tips to relax for smear

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Jade199p Sat 13-Apr-19 17:37:05

Im 29 years a virgin i went for my first smear test but i kept tense up has anyone got any tips to get through it without tensing up thank you in advance

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hatemyhairhun Sat 13-Apr-19 21:38:54

If you haven’t had intercourse it will probably feel uncomfortable. Take painkillers beforehand, explain to the nurses, try your best to relax. TMI but you could also try to use dilators or an equivalent

ABC1234DEF Sat 13-Apr-19 21:40:18

Do you need a smear if you've never had intercourse?

GinevraWeasley Sat 13-Apr-19 21:45:28

Ask them to use the smallest speculum. I find that they always seem to get a bigger speculum out to use but I always ask for a small one. The nurses don't mind at all.

SearchingforSleep Sat 13-Apr-19 21:51:10

You can tell them you want to insert it yourself too - less reason to tense up when you are in control.
Deep regular breathing to help you stay as relaxed as you can.
Lots of luck - I'm sure you will be fine. thanks

whitehalleve Sun 14-Apr-19 08:48:23

NHS advise if you're a virgin then your risk is vey low and you may decide not to have a smear. I wouldn't bother until you're sexually active.

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