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Please help piles/fissure agony.

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Whyknot Sat 13-Apr-19 18:27:10

You poor poor thing, I had issues a long time ago but remember the horrific pain clearly.

Please go back to your gp and ask for further referrals. I ended up with two surgeries but have been problem free ever since, even with pregnancy.

This sounds a bit grim but it helped when things got really bad, those cold gel packs meant for headaches were good after a bowel movement to ease the pain a bit.

Bagpuss5 Sat 13-Apr-19 18:21:21

Try meditating and stuff like that to reduce stress.
I had piles many moons ago after each pregnancy, they recurred about 10 years after last baby but have to say now decades later apart from a slight problem occasionally if I get constipated, they have gone or at least have shrunk and don't bother me. Just saying so you know it shouldn't last forever.

jalopy Sat 13-Apr-19 18:15:03

Poor you. Sorry to hear you are suffering.

Has your doctor suggested or prescribed anything to control the diarrhoea like antispasmodics or perhaps something to bulk the stool? Long term diarrhoea must be awful to deal with.

Also, have you tried applying a small amount of vaseline on the entrance of your bottom, before and after each movement. That might reduce the soreness of the fissure.

Hopefully someone will have other useful suggestions for you.

iamthedanger Sat 13-Apr-19 16:10:38

Anyone?? Sorry I know its grim....

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iamthedanger Sat 13-Apr-19 13:38:56

Not a poo troll. Been around years.

I've had fairly chronic diarrhoea for months now. I finally went to my gp when I started to get sore (haemorrhoids which I've had before and treated successfully) and what I suspected was a fissure. She was great and I had a colonoscopy and appropriate investigations which have thrown up zero so its been decided I have IBS.

In the meantime I just can't get on top of the other issues. The colonoscopy was utter agony! They get a bit better for a day or 2 and then flare again. Everytime I open my bowels it's agony and I want to cry. I'm using scheriproct and diltiazem but it's been going on months. The skin all around my perenium is sore and itchy and I'm just miserable! Do all the sitz baths, moist loo roll, drink plenty of water etc.

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