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mid cycle bleeding

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myrtleWilson Fri 12-Apr-19 20:58:56

Am not entirely sure why I'm posting as I know what to do and all the questions I have I've googled or know the answers to... I guess I'm hoping the act of typing out the post will help!

Yesterday evening I had some mid cycle bleeding - brown blood on wiping - nothing flowing. Am not up to date with smears (I know, please don't berate me). I will make an appointment next week at Drs but appointment may not come through until the following week I guess.

I do have health anxiety and will own that up front, but my mind has gone into a dark place...that it will be cancer, that it will be advanced etc.
I know in my more rational moments, not all mid cycle bleeding = cancer, that treatment is good, and that burying my head in the sand is not an option.

This bit may well out me so if you do recognise me in RL do feel free to PM but please don't out me on the thread! The last four years of my life have seen more than enough cancer... my mom died four years ago, my younger sister died two years ago (bowel) and my other younger sister has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer (but v early so thats v good). In the midst of that my FIL died from pancreatic cancer.

I've not had any other symptoms other than this bleed and I will get to the Dr's. I have perfected the art of psychosomatic pain over the past few years so now I'm convinced the fact that I can feel my legs exist is a sign it has spread.

This has to be one of my least coherent posts on here so apologies and I really don't mind if no-one replies, I can treat this as a little brain dump/diary.

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jinglebellmel Sat 13-Apr-19 08:01:24

So you’re so stressed op, I can totally relate as I’ve gobe off the swap end about a few health concerns lately - convinced myself it’s cancer, it’s spread etc. Big hug as I know how dark it feels, and once you’ve started it’s impossible to stop. But this most likely isn’t cancer, although obviously you need to see the gp and get it checked. I’d ask for an emergency appointment as it’s causing anxiety.
If it makes you feel any better I had this for a few cycles after a miscarriage. I’m not sure if it was a bit of a hormonal imbalance or the fact that I’d developed a small cyst after the miscarriage. Anyway, just trying to demonstrate that hormones/cysts could be two common and harmless causes here, so take a deep breath and get into see your gp Monday.

jinglebellmel Sat 13-Apr-19 08:02:21

Sorry for all the typos, hope you can make it out!

myrtleWilson Sat 13-Apr-19 10:22:35

Thankyou. I will go to the GP I promise!

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myrtleWilson Sat 13-Apr-19 22:29:14

think telling my DH this morning was a bit of a mistake! I've catastrophised much more today than yesterday...

But on the upside I've googled less, so swings and roundabouts...

Is it possibly connected to perimenopause at all?

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jinglebellmel Sun 14-Apr-19 11:08:33

I think it seems more real if you admit to someone else that you’re worried - probably the right thing to do though so he can support you smile

Yes I think it is connected to being perimenopausal - many more benign causes than nasty ones.

myrtleWilson Mon 15-Apr-19 11:43:43

booked in at GP - with Easter the appointment isn't until early next week but at least I know its done now. First time I've been to the GP in years and years so actually quite a big step.

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jinglebellmel Mon 15-Apr-19 13:55:58

Welldonesmile try not to think about it too much until then (if at all
Possible!) you’ve done all you can for now, and it’s most likely nothing major anyway

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