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update on DH , things are so much better.

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onlyjoking9329 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:24:00

Update on hubby, he was able to go out yesterday and although he couldn't walk much he did really well, today he has been up all day, this is soooo much better than last week
dunno if it's the meds that are helping.
He is having a rescan on 26th.
i am so hoping that this improvement continues.

spudmasher Fri 13-Jul-07 20:25:06

Good news.

AugustusRookWhooosh Fri 13-Jul-07 20:30:20

Don't know the story but sonds like great news-long may it continue

onlyjoking9329 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:36:33

Thanks, see profile for more info.
it is just nice to have a couple of good days, fingers crossed

Miaou Fri 13-Jul-07 20:39:49

Fantastic OJ - great news

onlyjoking9329 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:45:20

it's fab

FuriousGeorge Fri 13-Jul-07 20:59:46

Great news.I didn't post on your last thread,because I just couldn't think of any way to help,but you have been in my thoughts.

I'm so glad things are improving.

EHM Fri 13-Jul-07 21:02:42

Didn't know your story OnlyJoking just read your profile. Hope the improvement continues.

onlyjoking9329 Fri 13-Jul-07 21:12:14

it's just great to have some improvement, everything is so uncertain, this does make me appreciate the good days and not sweat the small stuff.

AugustusRookWhooosh Sat 14-Jul-07 21:09:24

Well long may the good days continue [fingers crossed emoticon]

lulumama Sat 14-Jul-07 21:11:36

fingers crossed that this continues x

onlyjoking9329 Sat 14-Jul-07 21:13:10

well he has been quite poorly today, big headache and not very good on his feet, still very confused he keeps telling the kids school has finished, they believe him.

Peachy Sat 14-Jul-07 21:14:30

I am so glad are the meds specific ones (ie MS really) which would help identify what caused the deterioration?

onlyjoking9329 Sat 14-Jul-07 21:20:16

he has been put on prozac the nero says these work well for MS.

saggermakersknockturnalley Sat 14-Jul-07 21:20:28

Glad to hear some good news

CalifrauniusFudge Sat 14-Jul-07 21:21:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

controlfreakyflitwick Sat 14-Jul-07 21:24:07

have been thinking of you oj since i posted on your last thread. glad you've had some easier days. how are YOU?

fryalot Sat 14-Jul-07 21:24:49

glad to see some good news

onlyjoking9329 Sat 14-Jul-07 21:29:25

i am okthanks just very tired, wondering how to surive the summer holidays and worring about DHs scan on 26th

controlfreakyflitwick Sat 14-Jul-07 21:32:46

can you get any help with the dc's / dh to help you survive the summer? it's an awful lot for one person to cope with (but i expect you know that . take it one small chunk at a time and try to grab the odd 30 mins for yourself?

onlyjoking9329 Sat 14-Jul-07 21:55:07

i will have some help with the kids, probably once a week. things will go pear shaped if DH gets worse or has to start treatment.

controlfreakyflitwick Sat 14-Jul-07 22:09:22

fingers crossed for you all on the 26th.

chikenmother Sat 14-Jul-07 22:19:56

fingercross onlyjoking! just came to mumsnet recently, still learning how to function with it...

onlyjoking9329 Sat 14-Jul-07 22:21:06

we won't get the results until appointment with neuro on 16th august, it is all a waiting game.

chikenmother Sat 14-Jul-07 22:25:05

a day at a time, that´s the law in those cases, isn´t it. day by day enjoying the best possible little things. You know.

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