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Side effects from atorvastatin- pharmacy question

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IntergalacticP Thu 11-Apr-19 22:53:49

I am on atorvastatin and got given a different generic than I usually get when I refilled my prescription on Tuesday. Since I started taking this version, I have felt permanently hungry to the point of waking up in the night.

I think this is a side effect. The problem is, it's a complete night mare getting through to my gp surgery- phones are often down, lots of people trying to get appointments etc. So getting an appointment or a new prescription will be a nightmare.

Since im pretty sure it's the change of brand, can I take it back to the pharmacy and ask if they have a different one I can get?

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Oldmum55 Sat 13-Apr-19 10:17:49

I wouldn't think a change of brand would cause the side effect you describe as the ingredients are the same. My tablets get changed all the time, different brand but same ingredients and same tolerance, just different packaging and pill colour. Your best bet is to call the chemist and explain.

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