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Vaccinations/teething advice please

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Samind Thu 11-Apr-19 19:20:46

Thank you for reading 😌

Little one had 3rd set of immunisations today. (17 weeks) Also teething (can see them and chewing, drooling and unusually fussy) Has only had 13ounces today. Jags in the afternoon and has only taken an ounce since this. Is now sleeping as became overtired from jag upset and sore gums. I've gave calpol, teething powders and age appropriate bonjella. Rubbed gums with cool cloth and let baby chew frantically on my fingers.

So finally getting to the point of how to encourage some fluids in these times? Was awful at 8weeks injections. Took nearly a week milkwise to get baby right again and that was without teething.

Would appreciate any advice as I've cried twice already today and think this is gonna take a few days.

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Samind Thu 11-Apr-19 20:32:08


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itbemay1 Thu 11-Apr-19 20:35:40

Consistency with the calpol, recommended amount at recommended intervals. 3rd jabs contain the Men B so fever expected. These are rotten especially with teething too. Just make sure having wet nappies and feed on demand. If not interested in milk then water through a syringe if needed on a regular basis? Good luck, hope passes quickly

Samind Thu 11-Apr-19 21:00:01

Thanks so much for your reply ☺️ Yeah baby is still sleeping so will try again when she wakens! It's the worst feeling so can't imagine what it's like for them

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NotSoThinLizzy Thu 11-Apr-19 21:05:24

Freeze some milk and wrap in a cloth let baby suck and chew it will help the teeth and get some fluids in just make sure cloth is clean

Samind Thu 11-Apr-19 22:49:44

Thanks so much @notsothinlizzy. Still sleeping and checked her temperature which was 36.6 so seems ok. Gonna leave another half hour then waken her for calpol an attempted feed. Can I ask how you would freeze the milk? She's formula fed.

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NotSoThinLizzy Fri 12-Apr-19 05:42:37

Make it as you would normally cool it down rapidly under a cold tap when cold enough put it in the freezer. Sorry late reply I went to bed early.

NotSoThinLizzy Fri 12-Apr-19 05:43:06

In ice cube tray too but sterilize the tray 1st

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