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Teeth help with costs, is there cheaper options out there?

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Eesha Thu 11-Apr-19 08:43:36


I recently met someone who has very bad teeth, gums receding at the bottom plus he has lost teeth on both sides inside. He explained he had a huge fear of the dentist so avoided it when young. I really felt for him as clearly it's damaged his confidence hugely. I just wondered whether costs to fix these have to be sky high as he really doesnt have much. Anyone gone through this?

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SapatSea Thu 11-Apr-19 12:24:04

If he pays NHS charges then if all the work is written into one treatment plan his payment isl imited to three hundred and fifty pounds. If he is on benefits or has a tax credit exemption then the work will be free on the NHS.

He may be able to get a dentist to refer him to a dental hospital if the work is very complex.

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