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Can a new mattress be causing these Headaches?

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youvegottobekidding Tue 09-Apr-19 18:43:00

Sorry if posted in wrong place.

To start, I do suffer from headaches, have done for years & I am in Topiramate & Amitriptyline daily for headache prevention (although I still suffer) I can go a few weeks without getting one, the can get one that may last a couple of weeks, then be ok for a few days, the get one after the other. They did/do usually happen around the time of my period, especially when I finish.

Anyway, I was having what I would call a 'good run' where I wouldn't need to take any painkillers on a daily basis (painkillers being either naproxen, naratriptan, anadin extra or co-codamol) so this good run was for most the first few weeks of March and if I remember most of February/January.

I wear varifocal glasses, these broke in the last week of March so while waiting for a new pair I had to wear contact lenses which aren't varifocals, this was for about a week, when this 'headache' began. It's around the same time we got a new mattress. So I get my glasses back but my headache persists. I wake up with a really bad neck ache, shoulder ache & this dreadful headache. It's seems to ease off a bit after I get up, have breakfast. Towards the afternoon, the headache returns. I've taken, over the days, painkillers every day, I try the stick to naproxen. On a couple of days I had to take a naratriptan, yesterday I had to take codine & paracetamol.

I'm drinking more water to see if that helps & I don't really drink a lot of tea & never coffee.

I don't think I'm under any additional stress, I'm not at work at the moment, off with the kids, so I'm wondering if it's the new mattress. It's medium firm although it does feel very very firm & I understand it takes a while for your body to adapt.

I don't feel great, I do feel a bit low & fed up but I think that's because of waking up with this damn headache every morning!

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imsorryiasked Tue 09-Apr-19 22:31:10

Have you tried changing your pillow? We recently got a new mattress and because it's softer than the old one, I sink in more, and my neck was at too much of an angle propped up on the pillow. Swapped to a lower pillow and no problems.

youvegottobekidding Tue 09-Apr-19 22:39:34

Thank you for your reply imsorry. I haven't yet, but it's on the list. I've also just sorted out the medicine cupboard & ive had another suspicion, strangely, my last supply of amitriptyline are a different brand, instead of my usual 50mg brown tablets I was given 25mg yellow ones (never had this brand or the 25mg ones before) again around about the same time these headaches started, I don't know maybe I'm clutching at straws now!

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