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Colposcopy Odor worries

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BlancoNita Sun 07-Apr-19 20:20:02

Hi All

I had a colposcopy last weds and they took a biopsy as nurse said it looked low grade, after a smear came back as abnormal ( first smear that ever came back abnormal) am 34.

So she told me I might bleed etc which I didn't at all, I did have some of the gritty black stuff come out and what felt like just watery discharge, but now yesterday and today it smells for all the want like rotting flesh, you know that smell when you floss your teeth? Sorry I know that's disgusting but its worrying me.

No itchiness or pain, is this normal? I am going to ring as she did say it could take a day or two for the bleeding if therei s any but I haven't had any bleeding .
She definitely didn't mention that there could be a strange odor and it seems to come out when the watery discharge comes out.

Getting really worried now.

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INeedNewShoes Sun 07-Apr-19 20:22:13

I'd be concerned about an infection. It's important that you see a GP tomorrow.

If you start feeling unwell then phone 111 for an appointment tonight.

AlfieandAnnieRose Mon 08-Apr-19 08:24:46

Hi, I also had a foul smelling odour after a colposcopy. Lasted maybe a few days, but this was a few years ago so I maybe wrong. And I’m sure I had read in a leaflet they gave me afterwards that this may happen so I wasn’t alarmed.
However if you’re worried then speak to your GP

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