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any self harmers up? feeling like sh*t

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naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:38:47

I';ve tried all the distration thigns - its not working. Need to cut. Again. Is there anyone out there awake who kwnos what this is like? So alone

KalunaLoveGood Fri 13-Jul-07 00:40:59

I can't let this post go answered. Try to fight those feelings, what distraction things are you doing tonight?

smurfgirl Fri 13-Jul-07 00:43:10

Hi I am really sorry but I can't stop to chat I have to go to bed.

Have been SI free for 3 years now.

Go to bed - stop worrying and stressing, its not a proper fix but sleeping stops you cutting and keeps you safe.

Remember that you will feel 10x more rubbish after you do it because then you will still feel pants and you will have cutting related guilt.

SI will change nothing about the situation or how you feel in any long term sense, it is an ineffective coping stratergy

You don't need to - you want to, this is a choice you can make although its a very very hard one but you can chose not to cut - nothing bad will happen if you don't

And try holding ice cubes, flicking your wrist, painting on red etc

But my best advice is go to sleep and sleep through the feelings, they will go and you will be glad you made the choice not to cut

Take care x x

smurfgirl Fri 13-Jul-07 00:45:50

Ooooh and on a practical put you off note.

Pain, pain of having to sort yourself out then be uncomfortable and guilty in bed, then pain of blood on clothes/bedding/towels, then pain of hiding it and having to dress it and then knowing that you will have a scar there because you did it

I so so regret all the shitty scars on my arms, for absolutely fucking nothing.

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:46:10

doen ice - elastc bands - but succombed this mornign and wnat to again tonight.

I know I am weak. I knwo it is pathetic. I kwno I knwo I know


naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:47:03

its not for nothing though. It helsp

RainbowWalker Fri 13-Jul-07 00:47:23

Agree with Smurfgirl - I am learning to cope with a different compulsion to you naswm but DO understand... when self-discipline isn't present, sleep will take the need to cut away...

and be proud you came here for help - very positive step

smurfgirl Fri 13-Jul-07 00:48:40

Ok really have to go.

Its not weak or pathetic its a coping mechanism for the rubbish stuff you are dealing with whatever it is.

But you WILL feel worse for doing it and nothing will change.

Go to bed x x

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:51:40

raibow - can you say waht you do?

thanks smurf - I wkno you are tlakingf sense - but you will mnow that sense and SH dont awlays go together

KalunaLoveGood Fri 13-Jul-07 00:53:01

I have no idea about your coping strategies, sorry. Ice and elastic bands is foreign to me, but important to you. What I can suggest is that when I'm feeling anxious I have a warm relaxing bath, a good scrub all over then when you get out, moisturise your body massaging the lotion in. It helps you relax.
Then get into bed with a dim light by your side, and shut your eyes and listen to your breathing slow down ...

Hopefully you will wake up and it will be morning and you will feel proud that you didn't give in and mentally fought the battle and won.

Small steps

You can do it

RainbowWalker Fri 13-Jul-07 00:56:47

I'd rather not say here naswm, sorry.

I don't technically self harm but I can often be just as self-destructive and my scars are where no-one else but me can see them.

Please go to bed, it really is the best thing you can do...

and corny as it may sound count what blessings you have in your life compared to others worse off than you...

take care x

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:56:52

thaks (great name btw) SHers will know waht I meant. I wish I wanst s0 bloody weak

I cant abth atm tho - scar forem this morning is too sore. aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 00:58:04

sorry rainbow - ddnt mean to upst eyou

CalifrauniusFudge Fri 13-Jul-07 00:59:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KalunaLoveGood Fri 13-Jul-07 00:59:41

just go to bed then ... please

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 01:03:49

I relaly dont liek being told what to do, even if it is well intentedned. (sorry...)

okay so now i am feelign even crappeir. I shall regret coming on here tonhght. Again. anbd again.

Oakay I am pathetic, I cabnt cope, I do all sorts of crap thins to get by. i am not hte usper woman pelople think.


CalifrauniusFudge Fri 13-Jul-07 01:05:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

naswm Fri 13-Jul-07 01:09:18





KalunaLoveGood Sat 14-Jul-07 00:40:00

I just popped back onto your thread to say I thought about you last night and really hoped you stayed safe and didn't SH.

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