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Intermittent cloudy/oily urine?

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Blueowls Sun 07-Apr-19 11:57:28

Bit of an odd one.

I noticed recently that sometimes when I urinate I have a sort of oily film floating in the toilet, and my urine appears cloudy.

Since then I have been weeing into a glass to keep an eye on it. What I'm noticing is that my first wee of the day looks ok, I then have a cloudy/oily wee around lunchtime (yesterday it was very opaque, milky looking) and then come the afternoon/evening it looks much more normal again.

I recently found out that I am vitamin D deficient so have been taking supplement drops for that first thing. Google seems to think that too much vit D can cause the urine issue so I skipped today's dose and yet my lunchtime wee is still very cloudy today despite being ok first thing.

The pattern of it happening at a certain time of day makes me wonder if it's something I'm consuming? Evening chocolate binge? Strong morning coffee?

Had full blood panel in November and the kidney results were normal then. I don't have UTI symptoms or a fever or anything.

I realise the obvious solution is to visit a GP but we are due to move back to the UK from overseas in a couple of weeks so if I can hang on for an appointment with an English speaking doctor I'd rather do that.

Have ordered some urine dipsticks to arrive tomorrow. If they show anything concerning I'll bite the bullet and get seen here but in the meantime- any ideas? confused

azulmariposa Sun 07-Apr-19 12:30:15

I could just be that you are dehydrated and not drinking enough. If you have no other symptoms then it's probably nothing to worry about.

A few years ago we moved and changed Dr's. We all had to do urine samples as part of their new patient check. They were all lined up on the side and all were cloudy apart from my mums which looked the 'best' out of the lot.
Turns out my mums had a tiny amount of blood that couldn't be seen, after further tests it was confirmed she had bladder cancer.

So really I think that you can't go by appearance alone. If you are really concerned go to the doctors now. Don't leave it.

Blueowls Sun 07-Apr-19 12:52:14

Really sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope they were able to catch it early thanks

Presumably a GP would use a dipstick in the first instance anyway so will see what the sticks say tomorrow and go from there.

You are quite right of course that being cloudy isn't necessarily wildly abnormal, and it's easy to obsess about these things, but yesterday's very milky looking urine in particular has me concerned. Gah, I hate visiting doctors over here, but perhaps you are right and I should just book the appointment!

azulmariposa Tue 09-Apr-19 16:38:58

Yeah thank God we moved, otherwise we might not have found out until too late.

Hopefully the Dr can put your mind at rest. I got told off for not drinking enough water the last time I had to do a sample.
Always get the oily film though, but I think that's the medicine I'm on!

Blueowls Tue 09-Apr-19 17:31:25

It's settled right down now! Urine dipsticks arrived yesterday but I haven't done a cloudy/oily wee since I posted! Tested anyway on normal looking urine and results were perfect across the board so I haven't bothered with a doctors appointment.

I'm wondering if it was the vitamin D supplement causing it after all? Haven't taken it for a few days now so might introduce it again tomorrow and see what happens... if the wee-weirdness returns on the vit D I'll have my answer.

Or perhaps it was just one of those things 🤷‍♀️

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