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Bladder not emptying fully

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MegGriffin Fri 05-Apr-19 19:16:08

I had an ultrasound yesterday of my kidneys, bladder and pelvis and the lady said that after my wee, my bladder hadn't fully emptied. This is despite me rocking, standing up etc. I went for the scan due to needing to wee all the time and having pain in my right side. Kidneys and everything else looked ok . The lady said would take 5 working days for report but doctors just rang me to book me in with a telephone consultation to discuss results. Has anyone ever had this? Additional information that may be relevant. I have had a bladder operation in the past for a prolapse (7 years ago) I take medication for overactive bladder although I am finding it less effective, and finally I had a back operation 3 years ago for L5 S1 disc prolapse and still have pain and sciatica which has got a bit worse recently ( I take medication for this as well). I am wondering if anyone has had this problem with not empying their bladder fully and what caused it.

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