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Thyroid results

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kaytee87 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:25:12

Has anyone been given a trial of medication for under active thyroid with similar results if suffering from symptoms?

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kaytee87 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:29:26

Should have said. Units mu/l for tsh and pmol/L for t4

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Hecateh Thu 04-Apr-19 20:35:49

Yes! A good few years ago now.

I was being treated for depression, had been for years but this felt different. Googling I came upon thyroid symptoms and had a 'wow' moment.
Visited the GP and asked her advice based on my symptoms. She asked me to have a blood test but started me on a low dose of thyroxine in the meantime.
My results came back at (I think) 2.2 TSH, but back then the range was 2 to 7 (again this is based on recollection not necessarily fact). So I was close to the bottom of the range but still in it (numbers might be wrong but I was definitely close to the bottom). So she said I didn't need the treatment.
I told her I felt much better and she was happy for me to keep on with the 50mg thyroxine. A couple of years later my dose increased to 75mg - and (coincidentally) the ranges changed. Which meant I did need support.

shatteredandstressed Thu 04-Apr-19 21:09:31

Your TSH and T4 are in range so unlikely that any GP would start you on Thyroid hormone replacement therapy in the UK.

If you're tired all the time have you had a Full Blood Count, B12 & Folate, Iron Stores-Ferritin, Vitamin D and Fasting glucose blood tests done?

kaytee87 Thu 04-Apr-19 21:18:21

If you're tired all the time have you had a Full Blood Count, B12 & Folate, Iron Stores-Ferritin, Vitamin D and Fasting glucose blood tests done?

Yes, had a load of tests done. Iron on the low side of normal.
I've been taking b complex, vit d, vit c and iron supplements anyway.

My luteal phase is very short (around 7 days and used to be around 10). And I have quite a few other symptoms. Wondering if it's a pituitary gland issue.
The first doctor that ordered my tests said he would trial me on medication if my levels came back on the low side of normal given the list of symptoms I have. The next doctor I saw said he wouldn't.

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ilovetrees30 Thu 04-Apr-19 21:18:54

You thyroid hormones are in range so I don't think you'll get any treatment for under or over active thyroid. My t4 was 64 and my tsh was non existent when I was medicated for my over active thyroid

Hecateh Thu 04-Apr-19 21:48:24

Can you get back to see the first GP - even if you have to book an appointment a few weeks in advance. I only feel well when my TSH is less than . There are some GPs who understand that people are individual and that within a range somewhere near the top is right for one whereas someone else needs to be at the other end in order to be well.
I went for years being suboptimal for iron. I took supplements when I had to but stopped as soon as I could as they gave me constipation and stomach issues. I now take spatone liquid - low dose but a natural form that doesn't give me any digestive issues and I have been stable for months/years.

NaToth Sat 06-Apr-19 17:58:44

TSH looks 'good', but FT4 is very low, so FT3 will be as well. Read up on secondary hypothyroidism, then go back to your GP and ask for a referral in accordance with the current NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary. Secondary hypothyroidism is very common and accounts for a lot of cases of CFS/ME, but is rarely picked up by inadequate NHS testing.

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