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Tested positive for HPV

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KissMeBunty Thu 04-Apr-19 17:24:20

Namechanged. Been here for yonks.

I had a smear test a few weeks ago and have now been given my results. It says I've tested positive for HPV and they want to re-test me in 12 months. There were no abnormal cells.
I have googled (oh boy, have I googled) but I wondered if anyone had any experience of this. I became single at Christmas after a LTR, and I also hooked up with an ex about six weeks ago. I'm unsure whether I should tell them (am getting mixed messages about this!)
Also, if you've had it, did you have symptoms? How long did they last for?

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wineandsunshine Thu 04-Apr-19 17:43:26

I had it about 5 years ago now, along with abnormal cells.
It had disappeared one year later.

KissMeBunty Thu 04-Apr-19 18:34:33

Did you have any symptoms wineandsunshine? I'm reading up about the whole connection to genital warts...

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cheezy Thu 04-Apr-19 18:43:54

I had abnormal cells detected just over a year ago, plus HPV diagnosis. Had the cells removed and given all clear at latest smear. No mention of HPV so don't know if it's gone away. AFAIK there usually are no symptoms, though warts can be a symptom - but there are many variants of the virus, some cause cancer, some are harmless. Often it goes away on its own, but keeping healthy, low stress, good diet etc all help to clear it. It's also very common. Unsure whether its something you need to tell a current partner.

cptartapp Thu 04-Apr-19 18:57:07

HPV is passed on through sexual contact and anyone ever sexually active, even once, has a risk of exposure. The virus can come and go, it clears like a cold of its own accord, and there are no symptoms. If it lingers, a few strains can cause abnormal cervical changes which need checking in colposcopy.
HPV negative - routine recall (3 or 5 yearly).
HPV + but no changes, 12 monthly recall to monitor.
HPV+ with changes, colposcopy.

wineandsunshine Thu 04-Apr-19 19:46:51

No symptoms at all.
It was very annoying as we had just got married and wanted to try for a baby but had to wait for biopsy first.

Honestly don't worry, I'm sure next time around it won't be present.

Mel20192019 Fri 05-Apr-19 17:03:12

I got warts when I was 15 even though used condom got then burned off to my shock horror I felt bumps inside last week went to dr and said it's came back again I was never told that I would have for life I have been with other half 18 months getting married soon. I now need to tell him and am terrified that he will leave me every time I think about it s feel horrible disgusting and my heart just sinks

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