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Bites or chicken pox?

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SolemnlySwear2010 Thu 04-Apr-19 09:24:18

My little girl has recently came out in what looks like insect bites- only on her arms and one on her face.

However, she hasn't been anywhere that she could've got bitten and I have checked our cat for fleas and bedding for any sign of bedbugs but nothing has came up and the bites dont look like either of these. Could it be chicken pox? She has never had them before but they are presenting how I would expect them to, but she says they are very itchy and some of them are really swollen.

I have tried to attach some pics. Thanks

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Blueowls Thu 04-Apr-19 09:30:01

Look like bites to me.

DuffBeer Thu 04-Apr-19 09:43:04

I'd say definitely not chicken pox.

SolemnlySwear2010 Thu 04-Apr-19 09:45:49

Can you think of what could've caused the bites? I honestly cannot think of where she has gotten bitten especially as they are only on her arms and the 1 face. Everywhere we have been recently she has been wearing a jumper or jacket as it's been miserable!

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flamingnoravera Thu 04-Apr-19 09:49:07

It's bites. Do you have pets? It could be fleas although they tend to be around the ankles.

ohmydaysagain Thu 04-Apr-19 09:53:51

Definitely bites not chicken pox, we had sunny weather last week could be mosquitoes.

Blueowls Thu 04-Apr-19 10:05:52

I got a bite on my arm just yesterday despite wearing long sleeves, and have noticed plenty of insects buzzing round now that the weather is warming up.

needsleepzzz Thu 04-Apr-19 10:07:56

Has she been playing outside? Noticed in my garden the last week or so a lot of midges :-(

needsleepzzz Thu 04-Apr-19 10:08:57

Sorry just re-read the last message about it being miserable.

DerbyRacer Thu 04-Apr-19 10:11:58

I sometimes get bites just from being in my garden for a short time. Usually on my legs and I have trousers on.

SolemnlySwear2010 Thu 04-Apr-19 10:24:00

We have one cat - have checked him over and zero evidence of fleas and we get our flea treatment from the vet so it is good stuff. Not been out playing as weather has been horrible lately - lots of rain and snow!

It's a mystery confused will keep an eye on her and see how she goes.


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avocadochocolate Thu 04-Apr-19 15:10:33

A jumper won't stop insects from biting.

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