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What simple thing can I use on my dry lips - preferably a readily available household item

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 03-Apr-19 20:36:13

The lip balm that I used to use changed formula and now makes my lips itchy and flakey. I've tried all the ones in the shops and they either have ingredients that I know I react to or I've tried them and they don't work. On the whole I get away with not using one at all but there's been a nasty cold wind for a few days now so my lips are sore and dry. Would something like olive oil or coconut oil do the trick, or are they too runny?

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QueenofCBA Wed 03-Apr-19 20:39:44

Not sure about household items, but pawpaw balm is really good!
Have you got some nappy cream / bottom butter knocking about?

xTinkerhellx Wed 03-Apr-19 20:40:24

When my lips were really bad last winter and flaking off everywhere, I mixed sugar with a little vaseline and gently rubbed it into my lips with a tooth brush.

Coconut oil and sugar sounds like a good thing to try!

sackrifice Wed 03-Apr-19 20:41:11

Coconut oil.

mrsk28 Wed 03-Apr-19 20:43:59

Lanolin nipple cream is the best thing ever for dry lips, I use it every night and it's like a mask. Recommended by an oral medicine consultant I work with.

Kittykat93 Wed 03-Apr-19 20:45:39

I love plain Vaseline

MissBPotter Wed 03-Apr-19 20:47:32

I’ve used coconut oil before, it’s quite soothing. Agree with the above suggestion of lanolin also

DailyMailSucksWails Wed 03-Apr-19 20:47:38

olive oil, methinks, & vaseline.

Squickety Wed 03-Apr-19 20:54:07

Sorry I know this isn't a household item but if there isn't anything in it you'd react to, id recommend Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I've really struggled with lip balm this winter for some reason (Is it Carmex that have changed the ingredients by any chance?!) and this is literally the only thing that has worked. Sadly it's a bit pricy though but a tube does last forever (I think mine is about 8 years old!)

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 03-Apr-19 20:54:14

Lanolin makes me itchy, as does rosehip oil (which tends to be in the expensive stuff) and soy oil (usually in the cheaper stuff). I'll have a go with the coconut oil which I know I'm ok with as I can eat it without problems, thanks.

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ItWentInMyEye Wed 03-Apr-19 20:56:42

I bought a lip plumping conditioner from Avon and it's super moisturising. I use it about 4 times a day, it stays on for ages and it even stays on overnight. My dry lips cleared up in 2 days.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 03-Apr-19 20:57:31

The one that I was using was AloeDent Squickity, they added sunscreen to it and since then it has made my lips itchy and flakey.

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BaaBaaBaaMoo Wed 03-Apr-19 21:05:22

Try a health food shop. Or Burts Bees is readily available.

Pigletpoglet Wed 03-Apr-19 21:09:59

I use this stuff:

It is a skin cream/bar that climbers use on sore finger tips, but it works wonders on sore lips too. It is beeswax based with essential oils. It is particularly amazing for that horrible dry, sore top lip you get when you have a cold and have blown your nose too much...

GrouchyKiwi Wed 03-Apr-19 21:11:49

You can get little tins of Vaseline that fit neatly into a pocket/handbag whatever. The lids are a bit difficult to get off but Vaseline is great on lips. I use it when my are windburned.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 03-Apr-19 21:21:00

Vaseline isn't that great for me, I don't react to it but it's better as a protector than a moisturiser.

Burt's Bees has soy oil, I used to use it but the formula changed to include soy a few years ago.

The Climb On bar looks good, very few ingredients that I'm pretty sure are all ok for me. Thanks.

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Aimily Wed 03-Apr-19 21:21:02

Coconut oil is great, mix it with some sugar to create a scrub, great for dry lips

Pinkywoo Wed 03-Apr-19 21:31:28

I use the cheap nivea in a dark blue tub when I go to bed (and I have very sensitive skin), even use it as eye cream!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 03-Apr-19 21:35:57

Ooh, I think I have Nivea somewhere, I trialled it when I was changing my moisturiser but it was too heavy for my skin. I may have thrown it out but I could use some tonight if not. Otherwise I'll go with the coconut oil.

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Howzaboutye Wed 03-Apr-19 21:43:35

Olive oil!
Or sunflower oil, whatever cooking oil you have would be ideal.
Definitely not vaseline, that won't actually address the dryness situation

pinkrocker Wed 03-Apr-19 21:49:22

I've never been without this stuff: Lucas Papaw Ointment since my lips dried out, cracked and bled copiously on a holiday and made me miserable!
I have one in the bathroom and one in my handbag and I also give it to people for presents as I rave on about it too much

IlonaRN Wed 03-Apr-19 21:51:32

Beauty Kitchen do little pots of shea butter that work well.
They also do a product called Natruline, which is the same consistency as Vaseline.
Both work well for me.

Hiddenaspie1973 Wed 03-Apr-19 21:52:44

Savlon is the only thing that helps me.

IlonaRN Wed 03-Apr-19 21:53:56

Forgot to say Beauty Kitchen can be found in Holland and Barrett stores.
They're fairly inexpensive too.

YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 03-Apr-19 21:59:37

O'Keeffe's works for me, and most balms make my lips itchy. Exfoliating them for now might work, I've done the sugar/coconut oil mix like PP and it's pretty good.

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