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Repeat Chickenpox.......aaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!

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aimeesmummy Thu 12-Jul-07 13:29:25

I've just had to go and pick DD up from school with what they say are chickenpox spots on her body; there are only a few and they do look like them, I just must have missed them. I have a docs appt booked for later on and if it IS conformed as chickenpox, this will be the FIFTH time she's had it - each other time confirmed by the doctor. We've been to the consultant, she's had blood taken and tested for various things including immune deficiency etc and all OK.

I know the old wives tale is that once you've had chickenpox, that's it, you won't get it again but the Consultant said that there are various strains of CP and once you've had one strain you won't get that one again. I can't believe she would be so unlucky as to have caught a fifth different strain?

Does anyone else have experience with repeated chickenpox? Any advice?!

The Consultant recommended a course of Acyclovir if she gets it again, which I guess is what she'll be prescribed with today. Can anyone recommend any other ways of avoiding further bouts of CP? (Long shot, I know!)

aimeesmummy Fri 13-Jul-07 12:30:43

Well, it's definitely chicken pox! Unbelievable!

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