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Help me control my eczema, please !

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greyby25 Tue 02-Apr-19 09:53:05

Last year I had a terrible flare up. Tears every day and night. Couldn't move my arms, it was all over me and it was red raw, then scaly and peeling and then red raw again. I'm going through a very stressful time.

Just moved house and in the middle of that found out i was pregnant with an unplanned baby. Then I had a bleed, everything was fine but then new landlord decided he will now not do any of the repairs they said they would before we moved in, due to this the bathroom flooded the kitchen, we have already been out of the property for 3 weeks and have no moving back in date, meaning we have been staying between MIL and my mums house which is hard with an 18 month old. We have then been for my 12 week scan to be told we are expecting identical twins and we are high risk so need to see doctors and have growth scans every two weeks. I'm delighted about the twins but obviously its very overwhelming and the whole entire situation is stressful and my eczema is stress induced.

Over night my body has gone from being fine to now being painful and red even my lips are peeling 🙄 I will be going to walk in centre tonight to see a nurse when MIL is home and can have DD for an hour but I need other coping mechanisms for when I don't have the right medications.

They won't prescribe me with lots of it because it's very strong cream that has already thinned my skin a great deal. Anyone else have an experience or natural remedies that worked for them ? Also any tips on keeping my expanding waistline itch free would be appreciated as I am already covered in stretch marks from DD which seems to make the itching on stomach even worse. I'm coming up too 14 weeks now and I'm showing quite a bit. The itchiness is driving me crazy.


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