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silent reflux and going blue

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trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:41:19

dd is 4 weeks old and had a few episodes of going blue shes been in hospital had loads of tests, but they think it silent reflux!
after reading up on it i think it is so i was wongering if any other child on here as any experiance of it, and what can i do to help?

we have looked at pillows to lift her cot as she as problems sleeping on her back , sounds like she struggling to breath then wakes up panicing, she only feeds an once every 1 or 2 hours so not getting much sleep.
also is there an other formular mink which is better for her? any advice please its so upsetting seeing her like this and crying through her feeds.

lulumama Thu 12-Jul-07 09:43:35

if she has silent reflux, there are medications that can help with that, and prescription formula milks that can be of benefit... speak to your consultant or doctor before making any decisions about changing milk...

Lilliput Thu 12-Jul-07 09:46:09

Has your doctor prescibed baby gaviscon and renitadine(sp?)?

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:46:55

yes they gave her gaviscon! i would change her milk myself, just wanted to know if theres one i could tell conslutant about?

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:47:26

would not change myself (sorry)

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 09:52:07

Hiya Trace

Sorry dd has this

Ds has Reflux although he's grown out of it alot now.

We were given an ongoing prescription for a milk called Enfamil which is basically thicker than normal formula and therefore stays down better.
My HV had a word with our GP and she told us to nip down just so she could confirm it was reflux, then she gave us the prescription.
We used to get about 16 tins at a time but you'll probably have to call the pharmacy a day before so they can order it in.

There is another milk begining with N but I cant remember the full name.

We were also refered to a Paed and she offered ds Ranitidine but we werent to keen to give him meds and we battled through it ok.

We had to tilt his cot by putting lots of magazines under one end and sometimes his mattress too.
I've alos heard really good things about the ambi hammock but they are a bit pricey.

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 09:52:44

I think the other milk is called Nutramil but not 100%.

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:58:12

hi nbg shes already under peads as we nearly lost her when she went blue and stopped breathing, they have lernt us cpr for when we can not rouse her its so scary we have a monitor too to go off if she stops breathing, but i hate her crying through her feeds when shes hungry and can not take it then she arches her back in pain was your ds the same??

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:04:18

Oh god, poor little thing.
Its awful isnt it.

Ds was like that, then he would puke up everything he had drunk, then scream because of the acid in his throat, then be a nightmare to feed, then scream because he was hungry.
It was a vicious cycle.

Watching him vomit was like a scene out of the exorcist!

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:05:26

I take it your feeding her upright?
Its hard though when they arch their back.

What do you do with her when you have finished feeding?

RubySlippers Thu 12-Jul-07 10:08:26

My DS had silent reflux which was pretty severe and he ended up on meds - Ranitadine (neutralises acid) and Domperidone (moves milk through their systems quicker)
He was also prescribed Enfamil although after struggling with it we put him back on SMA Gold
I think you need to get a referall from your GP to a Paed so you can get the right diagnosis and meds
It is a bugger, but i found offering food little and often helped, as did keeping him upright as long as possible after a feed and raising his cot/moses basket at the head end

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:23:10

chloe is never sickand yes we feed her up right and keep her up as long as possible after feeds, we dont go back to conslutant untill august and i dont think i can wait that long

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:29:06

Oh god, August!

Can you call back and ask for an appt sooner?

I think your probably going to need the Ranitidine tbh. It might be more effective than the gaviscon.

elesbellsrae Thu 12-Jul-07 10:33:46

trace. my dd had this too. we nearly lost her at 10 weeks (she stopped breathing ect) it is the worst feeling in the world and i truly feel for you. my dd wasnt sick either and we had lots of tests (brain scans and the like) before they came up with silent reflux. as others have said there are medicines available. can i ask have you got a baby monitor with the movement pad?

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:34:07

am waiting for mw to come she notdischarged us yet ill ask her to ring,

can i ask does or did your ds sleep at all?

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:36:16

Well, he slept through from 4 weeks so that was about the end of Sept last year then at xmas he got Broncilitis and it all went boobs up from then.

Hes only just started sleeping through but has to have a bottle to suck on.

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:36:29

elesbellsraeyes i have got one with a pad! how old is dd now is she still got it? its a night mare and so scary anit it

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:37:33

did you know Broncilitis can be caured by reflux?

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:38:50

No can it?

I was told that they can be very rattly in the chest anyway due to all the gunk floating about and tbh he still is but didnt know it could cause it.

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:40:33

yes ive been reading up on it it can cause lots of problems, my dd is already weesing

elesbellsrae Thu 12-Jul-07 10:46:04

god it was the scariest time of my life! she is 15 months old now and has the odd episode, but nothing like it was. she cant tolorate lumpy food and i still have to liquidise it (the doc told me this is quite common with kids who have s reflux)she is still on the renatadine (she was on gaviscon and esomeprazole. i changed to soya milk which helped my dd but you should check with your own doc. i feel for you i really do

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:48:19

at least they seems a light at the end so glad your dd is on the mend my mw kept saying it was colic but now now its not

elesbellsrae Thu 12-Jul-07 10:53:10

im glad you have the monitor to reassure/scare the living hell out of you. (you will have lots of false alarms be warned!) and i will gladly pass on the advice i was given by mnetters: ranatadine is very weight dependant so you need to make sure its upped regularly. i hope this helps you.

trace2 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:56:18

thank you

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 10:58:13

Ds wheezes alot too but its more rattly most of the time.

Interesting to know that though Trace. Thanks.

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