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Eating to avoid / combat thrush?

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PregnantGrrrl Thu 12-Jul-07 08:52:44

Any ideas? Canesten is RUBBISH, i don't spend my days in nylon knickers and tights either- what's going on?!

Is there a diet / natural way of beating the (itchy) bugger?

GreebosWhiskers Thu 12-Jul-07 08:58:33

I was just about to post this very question so will watch with interest. I get thrush every month for a few days before my period for no apparent reason (sorry - TMI) & years ago (after 7 consecutive months getting Canesten scrips) my old gp said it's obviously just how I was made & to live with it

PregnantGrrrl Thu 12-Jul-07 09:00:12

how you were made?!

i refuse to live with cottage cheese pants for the rest of my life!! and DS is out all night Saturday at IL's...damn thrush is not sexy!

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