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I have a feeling some thing is very wrong. Possible ovarian cancer

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Rhynswynd Sun 31-Mar-19 22:24:44

Hi. I have a feeling that some thing is very wrong with my body. The feeling just won't go away so I am seeing my gp on Wednesday.

The symptoms are
Fatigue- yes I have 4 kids but I am exhausted after doing the dishes
Breathless- I am getting breathless while having a conversation
Irregular period- I have always been able to predict my period to the hour every 28 days. I have never had an unexpected period until yesterday and it is heavier than I have seen in 10 years or more. I had baby in Jan 2018 and came off pill in Sept, no period until February 2019 then 6 week wait then 3 weeks out if the blue started yesterday.
My lower back hurts so much I can't even bend over sometimes to get baby out of the bath without crying out
My body is odd shaped. I am overweight (96 kilos) but have always had an hourglass kind of waist. Recently I am more square
I am not bloated as such but I have a constant firmness to my lower abdomen like the firmness you feel at4 months pregnant
My bowels are crazy....I have always had very regular and satisfying bowel habits. Not any more.
I have pain radiating from my right shoulder and down my arm
Acid reflux. Outside of pregnancy I have never had acid reflux in my life.
Every joint in my body hurts and I can't push the pram for very long at all ( tgis one has been going on for a couple of years)

These are all new symptoms over last 5 months(apart from the joint pain) and getting worse. I feel absolutely terrible.

I am seeing the gp on Wednesday and have made a list of all of this. (Just remembered....I also had a very tender spot in my lower abdomen but that seems to have moved hmm )

I am obviously worried and have a terrible feeling. I will make sure to mention to gp that I want ovarian cancer to be investigated among anything else he comes up with. He will probably tell me to lose weight and see how I go. angry

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donajimena Sun 31-Mar-19 22:29:46

I had irregular bleeding a while back and my GP actually sent me for an ultrasound. It could be a whole host of things but I won't say don't worry because you will because you are in the dark.
Be prepared to be assertive. I hope all is ok.

Tofslan Sun 31-Mar-19 22:36:00

I know that horrible feeling of being convinced something is very wrong.

You’re doing the right thing going to the GP, and taking your list so you remember it all.

I know time goes so slowly when you’re waiting for that appointment, but try to remind yourself whilst you’re waiting that so far there’s no medical evidence that what you think is wrong is wrong, you’re not a Doctor and you have no diagnostic tools. So for now you don’t have to worry about the worst case you have envisaged. Do whatever you can to distract yourself, be kind to yourself, make life easier for yourself, and I hope you get a kind GP who listens and takes you seriously and gets you properly checked out.

Juanmorebeer Sun 31-Mar-19 22:36:12

Firstly, have you ruled out pregnancy? Also some of what you said could indicate an ectopic so you need to be checked soon as possible. Any abnormal heavy bleeding should be investigated but the pain and exhaustion is also not normal. Can you call 111 tonight to talk to them?

SiennaSienna Sun 31-Mar-19 22:40:50

Sorry you are feeling so anxious and unwell. I’m not a doctor but just to let you know that Thyroid issues can also cause a lot of the symptoms you’ve listed.

TwitterQueen1 Sun 31-Mar-19 22:42:56

You've done the right thing in making an appointment to see your dr - and also in listing all your symptoms.
I would suggest you need blood tests and an ultrasound.
It could be any number of things though OP - not necessarily cancer - endometriosis, cysts...
Good luck.

Smotheroffive Sun 31-Mar-19 22:48:07

I wondered about pregnancy too OP. Is there possibility as you stopped the pill, it could be mc?

The shoulder and arm pain can indicate other issues. Any kind of chest/shoulder/arm pain would indicate a need to check your heart health.

If you are not losing weight that's a healthy sign isnt it, in terms of cancer, I mean? Although, your best bet is to get doing anything healthy you can to keep your weight and activity levels healthy.

Are you BF? Taking pain relief? Done a pt?

It could be a cyst on your ovaries? I mean, its not necessarily the worst you are thinking. 💐

You have an appt, so take your list of symptoms so they can start ticking off the tests.

Do update and keep talking, and try not to panic, there are many possibilities. Do you have a dp that can help with any lifting so you avoid further pain? Generally give you a bit of a lift with stuff until you are feeling better?

Rhynswynd Sun 31-Mar-19 22:59:35

Thanks for the replies
Dh had a vasectomy last year and had the all clear in Sept hence me stopping the pill. We have only had sex a few times since then because I feel so terrible and he has been away for work a lot.
I have had my thyroid checked quite a few times over the years most recently last year and all clear.
I am not worrying as such but preparing for the worst so I can make sure my dr takes me seriously. I saw a dr in Sept for bowel issues and had antibiotics for the cause. It alleviated the excruciating pain but many other issues are still with me.

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beansonbread Sun 31-Mar-19 23:00:56

I had a lot of your symptoms years ago with a fairly sudden onset. Turned out to be endometriosis with the growth of several large ovarian cysts. When they were first investigating the cause, ectopic pregnancy was the most likely reason (the abdomen/back pain and the arm pain as the biggest indicators) but was ruled out. Now I know I'm due an endo flare up when the shoulder/arm pain starts.

Hopefully the doctor can sort you out - push for an ultrasound scan to check for cysts. Hope you're ok!

mummymayhem18 Sun 31-Mar-19 23:09:29

Hi. Like another poster said it could be Thyroid issue but also a lot of vitamin deficiencies can cause a lot of those symptoms. Vitamin D,B12,Folic Acid. The only one I'm not sure of is the bleeding but you are right to get checked out. Good luck for Wednesday ☺️

TwitterQueen1 Sun 31-Mar-19 23:10:39

Smother "If you are not losing weight that's a healthy sign isnt it, in terms of cancer, I mean?"

No, it's irrelevant. Some people lose weight, some don't. If it helps at all OP, you are not the typical age range for ovarian cancer - it generally occurs after the menopause. Also, pain is not a common symptom marker for OC - cysts and endo, yes.

Voulezvous Sun 31-Mar-19 23:29:31

I had a massive ovarian cyst (size of a football) and even then my symptoms were very vague, especially at first.

I had persistant abdo bloating (but no one else noticed and GPs felt nothing on examination), mild lower back pain, a couple of irregular periods.

I went to the GPs twice and they kept telling me it was IBS so I put up with it for about 4 months.

Eventually I went back because it was affecting my bladder, I couldn't eat much due to feeling so bloated and I just felt exhausted ALL the time and like something was seriously wrong. The GP examined me, felt a large mass, and sent me for urgent ultrasound.

Smotheroffive Sun 31-Mar-19 23:51:42

It's definitely not irrelevant!

...but I hear what you say that it's not always the case.
Have you had your iron levels checked recently OP?

NorthernLurker Sun 31-Mar-19 23:57:44

I'd put money on you being anaemic. You're right to ask for investigations but the likelihood is you've got something fixable wrong.

clairemcnam Mon 01-Apr-19 00:11:44

If you are so breathless you are getting breathless having a conversation, then that will make you seriously exhausted.
I have no idea what it is, but that does mean your fatigue is not unexplained, it is very natural to feel that tired if your breathing is so poor.

Smotheroffive Mon 01-Apr-19 00:19:29

Poor breathing and exhaustion is common with anaemia

Rhynswynd Mon 01-Apr-19 09:17:12

I could be anaemic. I have been in the past. But anaemia is a symptom of something. I eat well with lots of fish and grains and green veg. So if I am anaemic, something must be causing it.

I really don't want to be reassured and ushered out of the dr surgery with iron tablets and a few more months of this until I get the courage to try again. I want to walk in there and say "I am afraid these symptoms are pointing to ... and i want it investigated"

I am always so ready to do as the dr says even when I know it's not right for me. Not this time. If i am wrong, brilliant. I can figure out what it is and get that treated but something as time sensitive as possible ovarian cancer? I want that investigated first, not last.

I do really appreciate all of your replies smile

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clairemcnam Mon 01-Apr-19 09:55:43

Yes of course you want ovarian cancer ruled out. I did the same, had an ultra sound, and everything was fine. But it is more likely to be something less serious.

Jenniferyellowcat Mon 01-Apr-19 10:11:15

When I went to the doctor with pain in my right side and acid reflux I was referred urgently for an ultrasound then to the ovarian cancer specialist, who I saw the following Monday. If they do suspect cancer it will be that quick as they will rule it out first although in my case it was an ovarian cyst which thankfully disappeared but the symptoms were really scary. I am sure a GP will take yours seriously but be assured there are lots of reasons for your symptoms x

swingofthings Mon 01-Apr-19 17:26:18

Anemia is not always the sign of something wrong. I've been anemic at different times in my life over 30 years despite never suffering from heavy period. Some women are more prone to it.

TamaraDeLempicky Wed 03-Apr-19 09:38:11

Good luck today 💕

Rhynswynd Wed 03-Apr-19 10:12:26

Hi all.
I saw the dr and he has ordered blood tests, urine and poo tests and an ultrasound for the pelvis on Monday. I asked specifically for ca125 test and he was happy to order that too. He made sure I understood it isn't a definitive test for ovarian cancer which i knew but it can be used in conjunction with other results to indicate there may be an issue.

All in all the dr took all my concerns seriously and i am seeing him again next week. He even noticed an odd looking spot on my arm that has been there for ages and will test that at our next meeting. It turns out he is an obstetric gyneacologist so he was very up to speed on womens health and concerns.

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AuntieStella Wed 03-Apr-19 10:20:53

I'm glad the appointment went well, and that all those tests have been ordered.

How long until all the results are available? Wil, they all be fine by next week?

AuntieStella Wed 03-Apr-19 10:22:43

Try that again without typos (I hope)

'will they all be done by next week?'

iVampire Wed 03-Apr-19 10:26:03

As an aside, a good tip I was given for poo samples is to wee, and then put one of those large carrier bags (of the sort that come through your door asking for clothes) over the lavatory pan. Then you can put the seat down and it feels relatively normal. I used a Macmillan clothing collection bag - it was exactly the right size

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