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L5 s1 backpain

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HunkyDory69 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:01:35

You can ask to referred to pain soevialists/pain clinic at your local hospital. They frequently offer a 2-3 month pain clinic which goes through lots of lifestyle changes that you can try out. Acupuncture, Alexander technique, chair based pilates, mindfulness were some of the techniques included. Having said that, although all helped, when things got to the point where I would have considered amputation of my arm due to neuro pain in my arm from my neck, steroid injections gave a golden period of time in which I could pursue some of the techniques, and thus reduce the recurrence of the acute pain.
Pain clinics are also good at getting you back in control of your life, rather than pain being in control of your day, your thoughts, your every move.

beeyourself Wed 03-Apr-19 08:50:13

Did you have a review with a neurosurgeon after your MRI ? Mine has said that if the pain persisted I'd be offered a steroid injection or surgery. Apart from physio there's no much they can do (they tell me) apart from wait for it to sort itself out, but sometimes it doesn't without intervention.

minimalist99 Wed 03-Apr-19 08:44:26

The pain is now in the legs, under the feet, predominantly the right foot and occassionally in the pelvic region. If I have a really active day with the kids then I have pain in the back too.

I have had an MRI the outcome was LS5-S1 Level right posterolateral disc protrusion causing lateral recess narrowing with features of impingement on the right S1 nerve root. There is also resultant mild narrowing of the thecal sac at this level." 

I dont even know what the hell it means. All i know is that i am in so much pain 😓😓😓

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YesQueen Wed 03-Apr-19 06:25:54

@Whoops75 sad I was 32 when I had my surgery and they said mine showed wear and tear, it sucks

Whoops75 Wed 03-Apr-19 00:47:43

Thanks yesqueen - I have no disk issue my diagnosis is spinal stenosis.
I asked what caused it and the orthopedic doc said wear and tear, I’m friggin 45 not 85.
I’m withered with it sad

beeyourself Wed 03-Apr-19 00:35:00

Yes - I had an MRI that showed a ruptured disc, that's cause (hopefully temporary) nerve issues in my leg.

Have you had an MRI? Seen a specialist? At the very least you need muscle relaxers/nerve painkillers.

Mine went 9 months ago and I'm still not back to normal, but much improved compared to before. Take it easy as much as you can

YesQueen Wed 03-Apr-19 00:22:24

@Whoops75 yes. I had sciatica pain, no back pain at all. L5/S1 herniation

Whoops75 Wed 03-Apr-19 00:08:33

YesQueen was your issue a disk?

YesQueen Tue 02-Apr-19 23:54:46

I had surgery but mine progressed to the point where there was no other option

Whoops75 Tue 02-Apr-19 19:16:08

I have issues at L5 S1 but all my pain is in my leg, I’ve got chronic sciatica with foot numbness.

In the last month I have had a caudal epidural and facet joint injections.
They aren’t sore at all, you should definitely try them. I find Arcoxia brilliant so maybe try them first.

My whole day is based around my back/leg, it’s like a new person has joined our family.
I’m doing gentle Pilates once a week and short walk every day. I’m probably 10lbs overweight but I’m quite fit, back issues don’t care what size we are sad

Good luck

minimalist99 Sun 31-Mar-19 20:13:58

My back has been in excruciating pain since x-mas. I wanted to avoid taking a steriod injection and the pain has reduced but i still have trouble with the pain in the evenings. I have two young dc under the age of 5 so life is full on and i also am overweight. My question is whether any fellow backpain sufferers have managed to avoid having a steriod injection? Are there any lifestyle changes that can help m3 deal with the pain?

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