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Bloated, diorreah, vomiting, lower back pain, excessive wind

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thinkbeforeyouspeak Sun 31-Mar-19 18:45:48

Hi mumsnetters, I'm after a bit of advice and/or reassurance.

I've been experiencing the above symptoms on and off for a while now, the bloating and bad wind for a good 4/5 months (had another thread about people thinking I was pregnant as tummy so bloated). I used to think it was just genetics and body shape, and put the wind down to eating shreddies in the morning, however now I'm not so sure. I'm 5 foot 5/6, 9 stone 11 so healthy weight, yet I have to wear size 14 trousers most of the time due to my massive tummy (the rest of me is a size 10). I have cut down on wheat to see if that helps the wind but it is just as bad if not worse.

On Thursday I suddenly felt very sick and had to vomit, and I NEVER vomit (only vomited once in each pregnancy and can't remember the last time I vomited when not pregnant). Since then I have had almost constant nausea, diorreah (sp?!), very smelly, explosive wind and have just started to get lower back pain, like a dull ache.

Something is telling me that this amount of bloating and smelly wind is not normal, but I'm too embarrassed to go to the gp. However now I think the vomiting/diorreah and back pain may all be connected.

Sorry about the TMI in this but if anyone has gone through similar or has any advice or ideas as to what could be causing it I'd be very grateful.

Thanks all x

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indyandlara Sun 31-Mar-19 18:47:36

Please go to your gp. This could be many, many things but you’re uncomfortable and feeling less than 100% and it needs checked out. My daughter is coeliac and had many of these symptoms.

thinkbeforeyouspeak Sun 31-Mar-19 18:51:44

@indyandlara thanks for your reply. I do think it would be wise and I just need to get over the embarrassment. There is one doctor who I can probably request to see who would probably be less embarrassing. It's silly really

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indyandlara Sun 31-Mar-19 18:57:49

I ha e been dealing with iffy vowel symptoms since I was 22 so almost 21 years now! It is embarrassing to begin with but gps deal with this all the time. I have IBS and a strong history of bowel cancer in the family so havevrwfylar check ups. Don’t suffer unnecessarily.

indyandlara Sun 31-Mar-19 18:58:21

Also iffy spelling clearly! Iffy bowels!!!

EdithWeston Sun 31-Mar-19 19:30:46

Go to your GP tomorrow

There are a couple of nasties that fit this symptomology and you need to get them ruled out asap - in your shoes, I'd expect blood tests and referral for pelvic uitrasound, perhaps other scans and maybe colonoscopy.

There are also plenty of annoying but readily treatable conditions which it couid be too - so do not google!

thinkbeforeyouspeak Mon 01-Apr-19 13:44:13

@EdithWeston thanks for the advice - I have had to go to work today but will try and see gp tomorrow. The back pain is getting worse and whenever I eat something it sets my tummy off again sad will see what gp says

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EdithWeston Tue 02-Apr-19 21:29:04

Did you manage to get to the GP today?

I hope you did, and that suitable tests have been requested.

LucyBabs Tue 02-Apr-19 21:34:05

@thinkbeforeyouspeak Did you see your doctor today?

reenchantmentofeverydaylife Wed 03-Apr-19 00:47:27

Just a thought but can be worth ruling out if you've recently started taking a medication or supplement for something else. Think back to around the time the bloating started, as well as looking back at what you might've eaten or taken the day (or days leading up to when) you vomited. I've found this has helped me with similar symptoms.

Whatever happens, I feel your pain and wish you very well getting to the bottom (sorry!) of it flowers

Nat6999 Wed 03-Apr-19 02:00:41

I used to get something like you are suffering, used to start at night as I was eating my tea, would start with grumbling trapped wind feeling, then needing loo, be there for ages almost like being in labour, would start normal then wetter & wetter, I'd throw up & it would carry on until I'd nothing left inside me, leaving me wiped out & having to go to bed. I looked like I was pregnant, it was ruining my life. My marriage ended & at the same time I became chronically ill & had to stop working, I never suffered from the bowel problems again, I figured that it was stress causing it. Can you put a pattern to it, maybe keep a diary & see if you can see any pattern.

thinkbeforeyouspeak Wed 03-Apr-19 13:03:45

@EdithWeston yes I went yesterday. GP thinks it might be gallstones and has referred me for an urgent scan (2-4 weeks). I'm not sure as I did some research and it doesn't really fit - the pain is in lower back and abdomen not gall bladder area so I don't know. And that wouldn't account for be bloating/wind. I guess if they scan they will also be able to see if anything else is amiss so that's good. GP also took bloods and has given me antibiotics as I had a temperature also. So not really any the wiser but do at least feel that it is being looked into! Did a stool sample too (lovely!!). I'm trying not to worry but have obviously googled lower back pain and bloating and the results obviously weren't good! I'm sure it's not that though. My back feels slightly better today so that's good. Thanks for checking up on me smile

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