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CBD cream

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Britneyspearsatemytoast Sun 31-Mar-19 02:06:38

I'm trying to find some equivalent CBD cream for someone living with chronic pain and already on loads of medication. Has anyone tried it and can recommend a brand? I'm pretty sure it's legal here I saw them advertising the oil by mouth in the chemist 🤔Thanks!

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BeerandBiscuits Sun 31-Mar-19 15:24:45

If you join the facebook group and ask question there I'm sure you'll get help.
Sadly CBD did nothing for me but it seems to work well for some people.

BeerandBiscuits Sun 31-Mar-19 15:26:34

forgot to post name of group.
It's CBD Users UK

GenerationX2 Sun 31-Mar-19 15:28:54

I used CBD cream after surgery and it was really helpful, I'm not in the UK so I can't give you a brand, but I do recommend it. Also if you can get a oil that you can put in tea that is very good for stress. I would suggest you google and try Facebook as BeerandBiscuits suggests

Good luck,

Cocolepew Sun 31-Mar-19 15:33:27

I've added the oil to ordinary moisturiser for my mum and it seemed to help. I just mixed what she needed onto a saucer.

Britneyspearsatemytoast Mon 01-Apr-19 01:48:00

Thanks for your replies everyone that's really helpful!smileI'll go on the Facebook group xx

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Britneyspearsatemytoast Mon 01-Apr-19 01:49:24

Ps that's a great tip mixing the oilgrin

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